Sunday, September 30, 2007

Story Time

One night we were very hungry and decided to go out for dinner. We found a little hole in the wall on the side of the street downtown. Taiwan's way is if there is not enough seats then you sit with other people. So we sat with some kids our age two sisters and a brother. Behind us were their very drunk parents and their friends. The friendly drunk people decided to take us under their wings and buy us drinks. Without realizing it they had bought us each a bottle of Taiwan Beer. It is very rude to decline someone's gift but Caleb told them no about 10 times before we got them to realize we were not going to drink it. While all this is going on one very drunk man tells Caleb a dirty joke. Caleb told teased him about being a wicked man and told him we were LDS. The man pointed to one of the ladies at the table andsays she does something with the church. The lady turned bright red. It was a really funny night and the people had us laughing the whole time. The lady turned out to be the pilates instructor that does a class at the church that I ended up attending. Taiwan is a small world too!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


This is the memorial for those all the workers that died on the intermountain highway.

Our trip to Taroko

This is the entry to Taroko National Park. When we stopped to take some pictures we were mobbed by a pack of Taiwanese from Taibei. They took about 10 pictures with each of them taking an opportunity to get a close up with the foreigners. The one we took is on top. It was a really beautiful day. We encourage you to comment.