Saturday, August 23, 2014


Baby number 3 is coming in November! It has been a whirlwind of a pregnancy and obviously I have been lacking on blogging, though now that blogging is less popular I have the desire to get back full force! This pregnancy was different in many ways, the first and most prevalent was that I got really sick.  I was sick before I knew I was pregnant and it just kept getting worse.  After weeks of being really sick and ending up in the E.R. I found out I have something called hyperemesis gravidarum.  They say it's "really bad morning sickness" but it is so much worse than that.  I will do a whole post on it later.  Seeing as I am more than half way done with this pregnancy we found out at 20 weeks that the baby was a GIRL! I was shocked but kinda thought it was a girl all along.  We are just so grateful that baby girl is healthy and that I am FINALLY doing better.  We are so excited to have another baby in our family and know it will be a fun ride, just like we like it!