Monday, April 27, 2009

Ta-Ta Time

That's right. It's time we started talking about those Ta'Tas. Here's the deal. May 9th is the Race for the Cure (that's BREAST CANCER For all you non race for the curers). It's in SLC at the Gateway at 8am. Caleb and I are forming an un-official team!( We missed the deadline for team registration, but we still want to get as many friends as we can to race with us!) We want YOU to be part of it. We are trying to raise awareness and funds ( and of course FUN). Some FYI my grand-MA is a breast cancer survivor and my aunt too. This cancer really sucks and affects one in eight women. So all of you out there who want to support each other and have some fun....PLEASE COME! Also this is not a "timed"event. Aka: they wont have timing chips so those of us who want to run at a race pace will have to time ourselves. For everyone else this is a great race to walk, take kiddos in strollers and hang out with friends. It'll be a blast so let me know! If you want to be part of the "team" or if you would like to donate leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

Save the ta-tas is a great website! They have fun shirts and stuff. Yes fun. Both the hubs and I have some tshirts and we will be sporting them during this race! Go check out their website: for great stuff!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honest Scrap

Here are the rules for this award:
a.) List 10 honest things about you - and make it interesting, even if you have t dig deep!
b.) Pass the award onto 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scap.

1. I LOVE post it notes and school supplies. I don't know how many unused I have and yet I still buy more and more. Such a simple thing but it brings pure joy!

2. I really like change and travel. I get really uneasy if things stay the same for a long time and get horrible cabin fever but when it comes down to the time to change I get really scared and don't want to go through with it.

3. My first experience with a "squatter" in Taiwan I pee-d all over my shoes and didn't even know until the Hubs asked what was all over them.

4. I am very competitive. Maybe to a fault. I can assure you that I am the most competitive person you know, really I am.

5. I lost my left pinkie nail at a birthday party when I was little. It grew back but has a special mark.

6. I really enjoying TPing. Nothing more fun than a role of TP and a clueless target.

7. My favorite TV show is 20/20. I can watch a movie and then watch it again.

8. I am terrified of car accidents. I was in one with a sister and it definitely scarred me. I prefer to drive because I get really anxious with other drivers and if I see accidents I usually get emotional.

9. I want to move back to Taiwan ASAP. I loved it. I know I will love it. Can't wait.

10. I don't think white lies are always "bad". I like to joke (lie) to people but those close to me can always tell when I'm lying. Darn those muscle weakness.

I tag: Katie, Corinne, Becka, Kristie, Kelly, Stephanie T, Megan, Melissa, the relief society girls (if you read this consider yourself tagged)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random and late pictures

I have not been the best a pciture blogs so here you go! The first is from our Christmas pj's and then some fun in California. Then we went to the Goo Goo Dolls Concert for FREE! the hubs was able to snag some free tickets at the last minute and our bestest friends some too! It was an awesome concert. Corinne and Katie and their sig-nifs sat in the back and my sister Katie, hubs and I rocked up front. It was fun especially for being FREE! Then our Halloween picture. I was an Asian school girl and Caleb was an American English teacher!(all our taiwan friends will appreciate that). Then proof Caleb broke his foot. It was really bad and very painful I am sure. The last are from Cornbelly's maze. We went for like 70 cents or something way cheap. Anyway I know this is a lame post but here are some pictures for my husband.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why I shouldn't go to walmart

This past weekend was super. We did our taxes ( not a pleasant experience and I really want those living off my money to give it BACK) We had dinner with friends on Friday night (yeah for engagements) then woke up early for my half marathon (pictures to come later) ran a great run for it being blizzard like for most of it. Finished marathon went to kneaders with Rachel and hubs. Got sick. Went home remained sick. Hubs took a test while I slept. Woke up still sick realized we needed to go to the store. It was late. Our options were limited. We went to walmart. I HATE walmart. Maybe it's because they shut down the mom and pop stores, maybe it's because they have horrible ethics, maybe it's because they have signs in Spanish and then English ( this is the blessed US of A here) maybe it's because people think that other people enjoy listening to their screaming spawn of Satan like children. I'm not really sure. But we went. And I received confirmation that I should not go to walmart. There were screaming children everywhere. It's late at night people. I know you are raising your children in Utah but please don't raise your children like your raising them in Utah. And then there were 2 semi cute children.... climbing on top of the water bottle display. ON TOP. And dad was standing back watching. What the letter that comes after E and before G!!!! Are you kidding me. Like I want to buy water that your small children have climbed, sat and who knows what else on. Now I am not a parent, so I am sure people(parents) are saying you don't understand...BLAH. If you don't want to parent your children...don't become a parent. It's simple really. I can recommend some options if you don't understand. I admit it. It's my fault. I really shouldn't go to walmart. But really parents of Utah- I encourage you to parent your children. Don't let them climb on things that are not toys. Don't let them scream while you blissfully tune it out. Don't let them run around thinking someone else will stop them. And while I'm at it. We had our taxes done. This was not a happy experience. I work hard. I pay my taxes. So for those out there who are enjoying living off of the "government" a little tip. It's not the government's money. It's MINE. and I would really like it back.