Friday, August 29, 2008


We did it! My life long goal! We ran the Park City Marathon. Some interesting facts about this marathon: some runners carry camera's because it is so pretty ( I would drive it if you really care to see the pretty things) there was a cow on the trail ( it drove me off the rode with it's mean eye) and the first 16 miles are uphill! Oh and mile 18 is about 85% incline up a hill. YUP! It was so brutal. That and with the previous week being my first week back at school I got sick. Those kids gave me a bad cough and I was really struggling during the race. Caleb was a great supporter during miles 10-13. We finished and I was grateful for my sister Katie and my nephew Quinn who were there cheering for us. It was what I needed to cross that line. That was just one of my blisters one of my toes lost all its skin and is very raw and Caleb got a monster too but it burst during the run. I am excited to do our next I just need to find one!!

Dear Girls for life

Girls for life, I first want to you know I LO LO LO LOVE you! Second even thought we may never have a just girls trip now, do NOT let me get my hair braided. It didn't look good not ever and just because we were in Jamaica does NOt make it ok, I see that now. Anyway. I need my girls for life and even though were married or moving to Germany does not mean we can stop playing. Lets get together. Maybe we can be in high school again....

Go USA!!!

This is the hubs and I in Taiwan at a rally for the Olympics last year! We were so excited to kinda be part of the excitement and meet the Olympic mascots! Even though China is a dirty fitly rotten and completely corrupt Country we were proud of the Americans and most of the athletes that competed( those that were of age and followed the rules of course). Anyway I know its over but we are proud of the U.S.A!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Our camera broke and I don't want to leave you without a new post (Kristie) but I will stop my rants and post pictures soon, especially when we go to Oceanside next week!

Dateline I love you

So many of you may know that Dateline and 20:20 are my FAVORITE shows!!! The hubs and I were watching dateline Sunday edition: "The front liners". It was great! It showed all the men and women who work in the airport, shipping ports, and immigration! It also showed all the illegal immigrants who are trying to bring drugs, bombs and themselves into our beautiful Country. I just want to thank those workers who get so little respect, for protecting our Country. It showed one car that was driving in from Mexico ( surprise) and had over 40 lbs of drugs hidden in the car. There was also a man from an island off of China who brought (well tried too) tons of pharmaceutical drugs in. There was immigration who caught 5 men trying to sneak into the U.S.A with over 40 lbs of drugs in each of their backpacks! I am not a fan of illegal immigration. Who is you ask? People who don't try and stop it. Living in Taiwan and traveling around really made me appreciate the beauty of our Country. It also made me realize how many people are taking advantage of it and destroying it. I have had enough. I am writing my congress men and encouraging them to fight. I am going to fight to my death to make English the NATIONAL LANGUAGE. I strongly encourage you to fight with me. I'm not really political but this is one thing that really gets me going, especially because I see it soooooo much right next door. Let me say this though, I am NOT a racist. I AM A NATIONALIST! Don't confuse the two or the U.S.A will never have a chance.