Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going back, back to Cali Cali

In April, after a number of business trips I told Caleb the next trip he went on I was going home to Ca.  So when he told me he was going to Australia I was thrilled.  Not really, I couldn't believe he was going without me, but I was happy to be going home.

 Say what you will, but I love Riverside.  I used to think I could never move back, now every time I go home I look for homes to move into!
 We were able to go on lots of walks, on this particular night we went to Khloe and Jared's open house at my old Elementary school.
 Khloe made Shirley a duct tape headband! It was so adorable and Shirley loved it!
                                            We went to the best park!
                                       My mom and Porter feeding the ducks!

 He seriously loved the park.  It really is the best park I have ever been to.  But it was hot!
 Porter was OBSESSED with my parents home phones.  It totally blew his mind and got so excited every time they rang (which was often).  I let him talk on it a few times.
                                                       Shirley just being a little doll!
 A trip to CA wouldn't be complete without seeing Grandpa Bill, Caleb's grandpa.  He is so sweet and I really love him.
                                             The world's best grandma.
 Shirley had just started giving kisses and during the pictures my mom gave Shirley a kiss and Shirley returned the kiss!
                                              Pman and Shirley loving on "mom"
                       And Papa! Porter wouldn't take a picture with him...
We kept it low key, played in the backyard, lots of walks and just hanging out.  I got the flu and was sick for about two days, it was really bad. My dad took me on a date to dinner just him and me and that was really fun.  And of course there were a few trips to target! I look forward to our next trip home!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The best thing in the world

This fancy smancy little jogger/bike trailer. It has changer my life.  And these two munchkins love it.  We can run, we can ride.  Basically we plan to take over Provo this summer.  Happy days.

Porter's Third Birthday Party

I did it. I threw my son the party of his dreams.  Luckily, he can't check out Pinterest so he didn't realize I kept it pretty low key/low budget.  I want this to be his party, this was the first year I didn't work on his birthday and we didn't even do a party for his 2nd year.  So I asked him what he wanted and he told me a Woody/Buzz party.  And so it was....
                                                       Brooklynn and Cash
                                                             Summer and Brynlee
                                                   Kristal and Kami (my future daughter in law)
                                           I had pictures of Porter as a growing boy.
                                We started with pizza and watching a bit of Toy Story 3

 Then it was game time! I told them Andy's mom accidentally threw out the toy solders and we needed to save them! So, an army guy scavenger hunt.  It was supper cute.
                                            The kids got into it.
                                                Army guys hanging from the tree.
            Then we had an Army guy parachute drop.  The kids climbed on the slide and dropped them onto a target.
                                         Not too shabby for the birthday boy!
                                         Then we had to lasso in mean ole Lottso.  
                                           And it wouldn't be a party without a pinata
                                  The only picture Jackson would let me take of him :)
 The birthday boy and his cake.  He picked this cake out at Costco and was thrilled.  In fact, every time we go to Costco he asks to get his dino cake again!
                                                 Time to blow out the candles!
 Thomas was thrilled to get his picture :) His twin, Luke, would have nothing to do with my paparazzi
                                                     Wade, looking as cute as can be.
                                               My favorite sister in law Claire and me.
                                                   My bestie Corrine and Shirley.  
 Then it was present time! Porter gets really shy so his big cousin Quinn was able to help him out!
And the only mishap of the party... Miss Lyla got hit in the face with a bat! It was actually a pretty bad cut.  I so love her.  Don't mess with my Lyla.  

There were a few other kids that wanted nothing to do with getting their picture taken, but it was a really fun party! And the best part was Porter loved it.  He talked about it for weeks.  It was a wonderful day and we are so lucky to have so many fun friends that would come spend a Saturday with us!