Monday, September 1, 2014

PINK Concert

Trying to get caught up here! Last year I found tickets to the Pink Truth for Love Tour Concert in SLC.  I was thrilled.  Pink is by far my most favorite artist and I have ALWAYS wanted to see her live.  I fancy myself her biggest fan! But she got sick and her concert was pushed back a few months, and then a few months later and then finally in October 2013 it was time.  I was going to spray my hair pink but I forgot.  I took the hubs as my plus one.  I arranged a sitter and we drove up to SLC.  We got there on time but the opening act was late and seemed to go on forever, and they were terrible.  And then hours later PINK finally came on.  I was so giddy.  BUT when Pink wasn't on stage there was a guy who we assumed was acting the part of a circus ring master and he was disgusting.  It was just plain dirty.  But it wasn't Pink so I let it go.  Then PINK came on and she was amazing! Doing acrobatics and dancing and singing.  It was amazing. But then she would go to change and the stuff in-between her singing was honestly the most disgusting filth I have ever seen and heard.  And I lived on off-campus housing at a California University... I could tell the hubs was so uncomfortable and I told him we could leave but he didn't want to make me miss my favorite singer.  After the third song I was so uncomfortable I couldn't enjoy her songs and knew I needed to get out of there. So we did.  I got up and told Caleb we were leaving.  And as we walked out I cried.  I was really ticked off that I paid all that money to watch things that I wish I would never remember. I was sad I didn't get to see my favorite songs performed. I was bothered that I felt like they were making it "extra" raunchy because we were in Utah.  But I was really upset that I watched a mother and her pre-teen child sit there and watch those things.  To say I was disappointed would be a great understatement.  Maybe one day I will get to see Pink perform again.  Just her.  No disgusting acts in between.  But I'm not holding y breath.