Friday, May 29, 2009


So today was my last day of work...until August. I woke up this morning and did a happy song and dance for the hubs in celebration of my last day. Little did I know 2 hours later I would be close to tears. I have a wonderful job. I am so blessed to work in a field that I went to school for. I am so lucky to LOVE my job. I am so lucky it has the best insurance and we can go to dr/dentist/eye guy ect. But what really made this year the best was the people I work with. In Utah my job is a Speech Language Technician. I have my BA in Comm Disorders. I work under a SLP. This is where my job can make or break it. Until I get my masters ( and I WILL get my masters) I cannot carry my own caseload. There are some perks here, ie: no IEP, paperwork, reports, meeting blahblahblah. But sometimes working "under" people can be a little trying. Not this year. I worked with the BEST SLP'S EVER!!! I worked with one who I will call J. I love her. She is so great. She is always encouraging and supportive of me and has been such a help in my life. The other is Rachel. Rachel- you said you were going to blog stalk me today so read on. Rachel is going to be 25 next month, has her MASTERS and her C's (don't worry if you don't's impressive). She had a BABY in February and all though I never got to see her in PERSON she is the cutest baby ever. Rachel has moved to some place far away and wont be back next year, and while I never know if I get to work with the same people I am really sad to say goodbye. Working with downs, TBI, Rhett's, stutters, lips, apraxia, un-known, selective mutes, autistic, deaf, and obnoxious children, more so bothersome adults and all the snot, sneezes, coughs, tears, frustration that comes with this job- I L_O_V_E it! When summer comes I am usually so ready to get away from children and schools...not this time. Sure I am going to love going to the pool, hiking, camping, playing but I will miss everything about this year. Thank you Rachel and J!! Thanks Alpine School District. Thanks kiddos. I hope that even though this year is over, our friendships aren't. So with that, welcome summer. I'm glad your here but it's not the same this year...

highlights of this year:
~working with cool people
~fire drills
~Halloween (rachel I didn't forget what happened to your costume)
~Not gossiping but serious conversations about people
~Thursdays and Fridays
~A student stealing my lunch
~a student starting to talk
~seeing some serious success in some kiddos

lowlights of this year:
~driving to a different school everyday
~6 weeks bymyself everyday (kinda boring)
~realizing there is only so much I can do..
~working with some wonderful kids that have such sad, sad stories
~boring meetings
~lots of snot=me gagging
~the year ending...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is why we don't have babies....that and birth control

So I was doing the usual blog looking today and it made me wonder. Do people not know when their baby is....ugly? I just don't get it. Some of the pictures these people post make me wonder. Will I be able to see the ugliness (heaven forbid it happen to us) of our future children? And if I can see it will I know NOT to post it??? I mean some of these pictures are really funny, but I would be so sad if people laughed at my baby the way we laugh at some of these pictures. So here it is. Here is our hideous child. Probably the ugliest child you have ever seen... but do some blog stalking and you may be surprised. Hopefully this will rid me of ugly child posting in the future. At least the thing got Caleb's eyes but darn it I don't want a blond....

PS I am so sure that the ugly pictures I am talking about is not you. Your kid is so cute. Don't worry....

Monday, May 18, 2009

What if a 5k wasn't really a 5k....

Here we are at the ACD "Signs on the Trail" 5k for deaf awareness. I was so pumped when my friend Corinne told me about this race. We got there early and we so excited to race. This was Corinne's FIRST 5k. My sisters 3rd or 4th and her sis-in-law's first time racing with us! We started out with a bang, I was in the top ten for the start of the race and maintained that spot for the majority of the race. After a while some people started yelling "turn back we've gone too far" um WHAT??? I instantly lost my place to some kid in a tie-die shirt and yellow pants who turned WAY before I did. Any who it was a beautiful day and awesome race. It ended up being like 4.4 miles at least, which isn't bad unless your running at a 3.1 mile pace and realize the finish is so much farther than you thought. Oh well. All in all I came in 12th overall and was the 4th woman to cross that dang finish line. Caleb and Scott were our cheermen. They had a blast chillin with Quinn and cheering the runners on. It was funny when they realized that some people weren't actually ignoring them, they just couldn't hear...because they were deaf. Funny guys. Rachel from Signing Time was there!!! Oh yes and when she asked the audience what song they wanted to hear...guess what?? THE SILLY PIZZA SONG!! I did yell my request as loud as I could! It was so fun! I'm glad we have the most awesome friends and family to do fun stuff with. Can't wait for the next one...

Monday, May 11, 2009

I LOVE you Mom!

Because my computer is lame and I cannot load pictures at this time this yet ANOTHER non-picture blog. I wanted to tell my mom how much I love her. I love you for walking me to school everyday! I love you for almost getting banned from school for sticking up for me. I love you for staying home and watching xfiles with me. I love you for always doing my laundry. I love you for forgiving me for being a bratty teenager. I love you for always seeing the good side of things. I love you for having such an amazing sense of fashion and for buying me the best clothes. I love you for going on stupid little trips with me. I love you for letting me try whatever sport I wanted ( and then quit it a month later). I love you for letting me be me. I love you for supplying my education. I love you for the advice that you have given that has directed my life. I love you for being the best secret keeper I know. I love you for visiting me all the time in Fullerton. I love you for taking me out to lunch and buying me a new phone (after I smashed mine against the wall) and thought I would never recover from that broken heart. I love you for always listening to me. I love you for showing me what it means to live the gospel. I love you for teaching me to be open minded and to have a mind of my own. I love you for listening to me cry whenever I needed to. I love you for calling me whenever a girl was attacked in Orange County (even if it has me a little parinoid). I love you for calling me everyday ( I miss that mom). I love you for teaching me what it means to be a best friend because I knew what it was like to have one, I had you. I love you for praying for me and for not praying for me when I told you I didn't want it. I love you for helping me. I love you for all the delicous food you prepared for me. I love you for buying me rasberries and blackberries when I come home. I love you for going on walks with me. I love you for doing all those runs with me. I love you for riding the rides that I know you did NOT want to ride. I love you for teaching me to take care of myself, mind and body. I love you for all those American candies you shipped to Taiwan. I love you for the sweet notes you write me. I love you for your compashion. I love you for making my wedding day amazing. I love you for listening to me complain and then telling me to do the right thing ( even if I would rather not). I love you for always making my birthday so special. I love you for making everything with you special. I love you for trying to teach me things that I had did not always listen to. I love you for everything you do mom. I know it sounds cliche but I really believe I have the best mom. I love you so much mom. I miss you. I wish I could see you all the time. Your my best friend mom. Happy Mother's Day. It's not some hallmark card holiday. You deserve more than one day a year. I love you.