Thursday, June 18, 2009

What up.

I know I have not updated our pictures from all that we have been up too but I will as soon as I can... Here's a taste of pictures I stole from other people's blogs! Yep! We have had a ton of BBQ's but have not made a blog yet. That will change soon. And weather allowing were having one this sat. Smell this....Your coming. We have also attended the temple with some friends. Good's ok to laugh in the temple right?And of course I have to shout out to my gfl's. I love you. I miss you all. We need a reunion. The last stud is Owen. He is adorable. I miss him and need a date with him and bug. I feel really blessed in the friend department. L_o_v_e you girls. And I'm thinking of starting a running group....Anyone interested???? say yes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ready or Not... and I am NOT

By this time tomorrow I will hopefully and that's a lot of hope be finishing the Utah Valley Marathon. 26.2 miles of the pain I enjoy. Or hate. We will see. I have not been training for this and have had a few nightmares about it. But I am going through with it. Your prayers/hail Mary's/ whatever your way of well wishing for me is more than welcome.

Sometimes I wish I was Kenyan.
But I'm not so I will channel my inner Kara Goucher (my running hero)
I want to finish with dignity.
But mainly I want to finish....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Double Dog Dare You!!!

This is my confession: I am a Shopaholic. To the core. I can't be sure when it happened. I can be sure that I could live my life working only to shop! I thought running would take over this addiction but it didn't. Sometimes I go in a store and come out with some stuff, sometimes I just walk by and I end up with stuff. I know I live in utah. I am not like a lot of the girls here... that said I know some of you probably think my shopping habit is wasteful and sickening. I probably think you don't have any style. I'm JOKING!!! I do recognize that I love to shop. however, I do not spend more than I make....but I make a pretty penny so I have been trying to cut back. Cut back is an ugly phrase in my opinion. I read these books years ago. Confession of a Shopaholic. I read them ALL. I loved them. I felt like there was someone out there that understood what I was going through. I had a blast reading them and even more fun shopping after I read them. But all that changed last night. Let me introduce my sis Kdog. She has recently become a shopaholic. She got worse than me at my worst! For a l_o_n_g time she denied it. Last night while she was showing me the two board shorts, swimsuit, and skirt she bought she admitted it! Then came the dare. The dare among all dares. Reminder: I cannot say no to dare. Ok i CAN technically say no like if it's dumb or compromises my morals or something but for the most part I'm all game when it comes to dares. So kdog said: "I bet you can't shop for a whole month". I said "I've given up ice cream, sweets, etc.. but never shopping". And a month is a really long time in the world of shopping. There are some stipulations, I can buy food, and necessities. but no clothing/shoes/accessories. And I should mention that Caleb laughed when I agreed to the dare. So I really have a lot to prove here. And the loser has to pay the other 5 BUCKS!!! Maybe ten. I will not lose. One day down...only 30 to go.

P.S. Katiebug and Corinne do NOT tempt me.....I'm not strong

Monday, June 8, 2009

Two years plus zero= TWO YEARS!!

Happy two years to us!!! June 1st was our two year anny. It was great. We went to VEGAS baby. Had a blast swimming, walking, getting pulled on stage and eating (picture and post to come). I know how pretty much everyone HATES "I love my hubs so much blogs"...but I wanted to let the guy in these pictures to know how much I love him. He is so lucky to have such an amazing wife. Someone who is so hard working and clean and really so funny. He can't stop thinking how he got so lucky. I'm sure that's how he feels so excuse the cheesy post but it had to be said. Anyway hubs I love you but don't tell anyone that secret. I'm glad your brother told you to go out with me after my sister left out pictures of me. I'm glad we dated against all odds. I'm glad that I forgave you after you broke my heart and I in turn broke my phone. I'm glad we got hitched in the best place in the world...San Diego. I'm glad your stuck with me. I'm glad we lived in a different country and leaned on each other. I'm glad we both love to travel. I'm glad you run because I love it, even though you sometimes hate it. I'm glad we're so happy. I can hardly wait for the next two years. That's all we agreed to right? Wo ai nee.