Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shower time

Yes, this is SO many months old. So very many months old.  But I am catching up.  And I promised to be caught up.  So here it goes.  My sister Katie and my friend Corinne threw Miss Shirley a shower! It was the sweetest thing ever!

Now I just need a picture of me and my sister! It was such a sweet shower and I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A few pictures

Just a few snap shots of our days. Look how little Shirley was! Time is flying by.  Except at night. When Pman screams and doesn't sleep.  That, my friends, is when time stands still.  Oh well. At least they are cute!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Christmas Part two

I can't believe I am just now posting these! Better late than never, I guess.  Christmas morning was so magical.  Porter didn't quite understand but we had our own little family Christmas and then we had an amazing breakfast and then opened family presents.  Porter was so adorable.  He opened a bag that had clothes and was so excited he said "oh, wow pants, and shirts and more pants! Thanks!" It was pretty cute.  His favorite toy was Cranky, to go on his train table.  Shirley had a wonderful Christmas, until her brother hit her in the face with a toy (not on purpose) but that was the first time she had been hurt in her life and she let everyone know it. So sad.  We were able to go and visit Grandpa Bill and spend some time with him.  We had a nice Christmas dinner! Such a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

29 is just fine

I had a birthday.  And I turned...29.  Yup.  Sometimes I think I still only turned 24.5 but I had a birthday run, and that run shed some light on me.  And on that run, those beautiful four miles in the rain, with a rainbow, I knew 29 would be fine.  And I was going to own it.  I had a great day. It started out with a nice run.  Actually the best run.  I loved every minute of it.  And then we had a wonderful birthday lunch at Simple Simon's with my family.  My sister took family pictures (that was so fun, remember to not do that on my birthday again ;) And then I took Porter on a train ride around downtown Riverside.  And then we hung out.  Porter and Caleb took naps and I hung out with my mom and sisters.  And then it was time for Christmas Eve.

And you know what?  So far, 29 is just fine.