Friday, June 22, 2012

Are you pregnant?

Why yes, I am. This pregnancy has been different in a few ways. I started showing earlier, which made some of my coworkers ask me this question. I kinda like keeping it to myself for awhile. Another questions I get is "was it planned?" For some reason this one really bugs me. But for the record, yes it was. I am a planner, I believe in birth control and I am going to let my babies be the baby for some time so yes it was planned. We are thrilled. Porter will be 30-31 months old when this babe comes to our family and I think that will be wonderful. He has no idea what's going on really. At first he didn't understand why I was so sick (and i was) but he would come pat my back while I was vomiting and ask me in the sweetest voice if I was ok. Then when the hubs came home he would run and say "mommy sick and make a noise similar to what he had heard all day long". I have a bump and he loves to come kiss it and hug it, but I also have to kiss his baby bump and he likes to kiss calebs belly. I didn't get sick this time till almost 8 weeks but when I did it hit hard. I didn't count the number of times I threw up. The main difference with this pregnancy is I am always sick to my stomach. I feel like throwing up all the time, but haven't nearly as much as with pman. The miracle drug has not worked miracles on me but things are getting better so that's good. I'm still running, slower and less frequently but I am still running. I hope to be able to continue until this babe comes out. It's so weird to think we will have childREN. Like more than one. I'm excited and nervous. I am due October 27 th. There's been talk of being induced but I'm not too into that idea so we will see. I love feeling this babe move. It's really fun to go through this experience (minus the nasty sickness) after having Porter. I love watchig him grow and learn and have fun loving life and I get so excited that we get to do it again. I'm one lucky girl. Oh there's one more thing...the gender. But that will have to wait for another post!

Thursday, June 7, 2012