Monday, February 24, 2014

Yellowstone Part 2

Shirley always gets love with her older girl cousins, Mattie and Khloe!
 One of the pull over hikes we did. It was beautiful there!
 Daddy took pman and Jared and Johnny on a row boat!
 Daddy and Pman near one of the buffalo!
 We made it after a challenging hike!
 This was Uncle Tom's Trail, huge warning sign, it was hard(ish) but totally doable and amazing!
 Pman loving the waterfall.
 Me and my boy.
 This trip was perfect for this kid. Spend all day hiking/playing outside/ getting dirty?!? Yes, Please!
 This was part of Uncle Tom's Trail. Caleb is holding Shirley in the carrier and pman on his side.  He didn't do this the whole way but I had to take a picture of it!
 Super Dad!
 Shirley being cute.  She was so much trouble on this trip ;)
 Pman and his twin cousin Johnny!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yellowstone Part 1 (July 2013)

This was a great Daddy and Pman bonding trip, but then again any time they are together they have a great time.
 Here is Pman at the lily pond. I love lily pads and he thought this was so cool.  Whenever he was awake and we pulled over to see something he would always want to come exploring.
 I am pretty sure this is black thumb or something thumb.  We had a system that worked awesome for us.  As we drove we looked for places on the map, or signs on the road and pulled over. every time. And we loved it.
 We also had a rule that if cars were backed up and people were out taking pictures, one of us would jump out of the car and check it out.  It paid off when we saw a brown(or black, I don't really know the difference) bear! And it was so close!
 The Continental Divide!
 I took the most unflattering picture of myself with the bear in the background. I hate love it.  I hate how I look but I love that there is a bear right behind me! It was crazy! Don't worry, I had an escape plan ready.
 I can't find our map right now but we kept track of every animal we saw.  The buffalo's were in the thousands.  It was amazing.
 The hubs loved it and I loved that he got a week without phone calls/emails/stress from work and was able to unplug.  I was glad for the lack of internet! ;)

This trip was really awesome.  I took a million pictures so it there are plenty more to come!