Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Do you know why we call him Pman? When he was born he was all boy, even had sideburns.  A baby with sideburns.  It was to die for.  The hubs was in the singles ward bishopric and he and the first counselor called him big-burns Porter.  And then the hubs was like "he's like a man, P-man".  And so it is.  Our Pman.  He is so big right now.  I realize I've been talking a lot about Ms. Shirley and wanted to do a post on this little guy of mine.  He is still NOT sleeping.  He is currently sick, has been for a few months.  We are working on it.  I've discovered two and half is a hard age.  Sometimes I am so in love with him and sometimes I am so exhausted by him.  He can be so sweet and then so challenging.  He is discovering boundaries and trying to expand them, he is working on listening.   But he is also so tender and kind.  And loving.  And forgiving.  Some of my favorite quotes of his: "I'm sorry I well (yell) at you", "I love you so much", "er not do that!", "I wana make her funny (talking about making Shirley laugh)", "er my best friend".  He loves Shirley, and is so sweet with her.  He soaks in everything. I am learning this the hard way.  One day I stubbed my toe and it hurt, I said "dangit!" and I have been paying for it since.  He loves to paint and count.  He can count 1-11 and then it gets a little out of order, but his favorite numbers are 249.  He will take our temperature and tell us its 249, or when he plays store the price is usually 249.  He thinks the color red is blue and blue is red.  Don't even try and tell him otherwise.  He loves the snow. He has a destructive streak (see the poor snowman).  He likes to read and tell stories.  I've been feeling like a failure lately.  He tests my patience often and I often fail his tests.  It's been a hard winter.  I have to remind myself he is little, he has been sick for so long and he needs a little extra love every once in awhile.  He is big kid.  People often think he is older than he is.  That's frustrating too.  He wears size 4-5 size shirts.  Sometimes when he is napping I look at him and I can't believe how old he is.  All his challenges seem to melt away.  I love this kid.  I'm so excited to see who he will become.  And sometimes I do need a reminder to be patient.  And he is the best reminder I could ever ask for.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Three Months

Hello World,
This is my three month post! I am three months and thriving! This was a big month for me, I rolled from my belly to my back! I am not nearly as creaky as I used to be, but will give an occasional creak when I'm really tired.  I don't mind tummy time, I will use roll over.  My favorite toy is the mirror.  I love that cute baby in the mirror.  I really like music and love to be sung to.  I've had a bad cold (worst winter ever) and staying healthy has been a difficult task.  This also resulted in me waking in the middle of the night.  My mom is not so crazy about that.  Hopefully I can go back to sleeping ALL night soon.  Really soon.  I love my brother, I think he is so funny.  He loves me to, and will often say "I want to make her funny" meaning he wants to make me laugh.  I'm a really smiley baby. Just look at me and I will flirt.  I still have occasional "diva days" as my mom calls them but for the most part I am an easy-going baby.  At the Dr. I weight 12 lbs, so I am growing strong.  I have discovered my voice and I can really carry a conversation on.  I talk a lot when I am in my car seat and we are driving somewhere.  I had my first Valentine's Day and dressed all up. I love to stand up, more than sit.  If your holding me and sitting down, I'm probably going to stand the whole time.  Life is pretty good and I'm excited to be getting big! Thanks for checking in!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Sunday

Our Ca Christmas didn't go as planned.  We got the flu. And an ear infection and pink eye for pman.  Needless to say we didn't do nearly half of what we wanted to do and so there aren't a lot of pictures. So here is a whole post of Sunday pictures.  We went to my mom and dad's ward, the ward I grew up in.  Sometimes it's weird, going back.  Anyway.  Shirley got here nails painted for the debut. (It's a baby safe non-toxic polish so relax).  The Sacrament meeting was honestly the best I have EVER been to.  Sister Burkhart, my best friend growing up mom played the organ and the whole congregation sang the entire time.  They got a new organ.  It was so powerful.  I felt like my hair should have been blowing back.  And there I was, holding this newborn, sitting by my sweet niece, watching my son sit on my husbands lap.  And my heart was full. And the hymns.  Oh  I love Christmas hymns, but singing about Mary and baby Jesus while holding a new born is some kind of special.  I could barely sing the songs, I was so close to crying.  Well I was crying, I just didn't want to lose it completely.  I think this sacrament meeting will stay with me forever.  And then I got to go to relief society with my mom. And she let me take a picture with her in it.  I sure love my mom.  And it made me miss relief society (I'm in Young Womens) so here's to a whole Sunday picture post...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Two months

Hello World, Yes, I should be writing my three month post but I will get to that later. Two months! Time is just flying. I am a pretty easy going baby. My mom thought I was a diva but now just thinks I'm sassy. She likes that. I am a fickle eater and sometimes won't eat on both sides. I'm a small girl. At the Dr I weighed 10 lbs and 14 ounces. I can't remember my height or percentages right now, but I am growing well. I am still really creaky. Whenever I move I make creaky sounds. My parents love that. I am very smiley. I guess I was born that way. You pretty much just have to look at me and I smile. I can find my mom anywhere in the room. I love my big brother Porter. I could just stare at him all day. And I think he is really funny! I have a pretty adorable little giggle. I sleep pretty well. I go to bed after my 7 pm feeding and then my mom gives me a dream feed at 10 and then I go back to sleep till 7 or 7:30 am. Most of the time, anyway. I started grabbing my toys on my bouncer. Sometimes I can't figure out how to get things out of my hands and I get frustrated. I can be calmed down pretty easily.We went to California for Christmas and my mom and mama(grandma)painted my nails for the first time! I had my first Christmas and first long drive. And let me tell you, it was very very long.I was able to meet all my Porter side family and fell in love right away. So far life is really good. I wake up with big smiles and ready to play. Love, Shirley