Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Dearest Katie . . .

I just wanted to say that my sister Katie is wonderful. She feeds me amazing meals and she is so talented in so many ways. Her son, Quinn, is so cute and intelligent because she is such a perfect mother. She is also beautiful. My brother-in-law Aaron is also amazing. I just had to get that off my chest. Thank you for reading. Don't forget to check out my recent post about our trip to Oceanside just below. As always, comments are appreciated.

Oceanside- a little late

So here we are at my favorite place:Oceanside CA. We go there as a family every year my whole life! Last year was the first year I missed. Only because we were in Taiwan so I guess that's a good reason. This past year was GREAT! My mom and dad really hooked us up. They got us a huge condo and it was a blast. We loved surfing and playing at the beach all day long. Caleb went body boarding with me (my favorite) and he loved it too. We were able to see a ton of ocean life. We went kayaking with my mom and saw some seals. We found TONS of starfish (another favorite for me) Caleb held a LIVE sand dollar for the first time. We went out at low tide 4:00 AM with my mom and sister. We were able to see a HUGE crab and Caleb SAVED the octopus. It had been left out during low tide but we returned it to the sea. I had the best time. Hubs-remember when we were tan and ran 10 miles on the beach? Good times!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I had a funny conversation with one of my kids today. To protect rights he will be referred to as "client" and I will be "me":

Client: Can I ask you a question

Me: Sure

Client: I need to fix something.

Me: (that's not a questions but...) What do you need to fix?

Client:My time machine

Me: Um...I don't think those work

Client: Ya they do

Me: Ok

Client: I'm gunna ask me parents

Me: (GoING) Ask them what?

Client: For money to buy my time machine

Me: Good luck with that

Minutes of working and this:

Client: Its on ebay

Me: What?

Client: The time machine

Me: OHHHHHHHHH. And where do you want to travel

Client: To Pokemon

Me:In my head: Aww the joys of my job!

Then during a nap on Sunday I was abruptly woken up by Caleb asking "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" me happily well I'm a lion and the kids are playing keep away and I want to get the ball. (Apparently I had been twitching..alot). Then Monday morning Caleb says: "So some more crazy dreams???" Me: (How does he know???)" Yes as a matter of fact I was trying out for the USA dive team. Clearly". Caleb: "Yeah you were twitching a LOT". When oh when will my body just let me dream???

Sunday, February 1, 2009

READ THIS!'t ask just read. You'll understand.