Monday, July 21, 2008

Privacy Please!

As a newly married couple I have found that people feel entitled to personal information. Even before Caleb and I were married people would ask "when will you have kids?" This didn't bother me so much because there was no way we were even thinking about kids. However, as time goes on and on people's questions have got a little intrusive. It's not the question that bothers me so much as there shock or dislike of our answers. These inquisitive people don't like to hear "when were ready" or "never", or "oh we aren't interested in that". Usually we play around and tell people silly remarks like "oh we aren't interested in ruining our lives." We are joking of course but why can't these people back off? It really gets me going when they feel they have a right to know when we are going to start our family and WHY we haven't already. Does everyone go through this? It is very interesting and hard for me because my parents have NEVER asked Caleb and I (or any of my sisters for that) when we are going to have kids. They believe that it is between husband and wife and no one else should involve themselves. Thank you mom and dad. It seems like they and my very own siblings are the only ones that get this. If you think you are really close to us, go ahead ask us the question but please do not feel entitled to an answer and please do NOT get into they whys and why nots of it. It's between Caleb and me. And we'll stick to our rude answers as long as people feel so invasive. We've only been married a little over a year and thats hardly time enough in both our opinions to start a new life. Also am I the only one who had these questions? Over and over? Did anyone else suffer? Is anyone else suffering? Maybe it's a good sign for you if I'm alone on this one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wedding Daze

I told a few friends that I would post wedding pictures. (Sorry it took me forever Jess). I loved my wedding day! I love my pictures ( just come to my house) but didn't get the ones I really wanted. So we are taking some more! I am excited I love getting into my dress and getting all fussed up! My sister Kristie is going to take them and I am so excited. Why should I live the rest of my life whishing I had these pictures right? It doesnt matter that its over a year later, right? Oh well! It should be fun!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Hubs

Hubs, I am writing this to tell you that I love you so Much. I am sad to be leaving you ( but happy to go home). This will be our first time apart ( I will ignore all Gagging sounds from all of you) and I will miss you so much. I love being with you and cuddling with you! I know you don't think I will but I will miss you tons! Wo ai nee. -Wife