Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Months,

What's up! It's me, Porter again. Life is just getting better and better. Now that I'm two months I can do all sorts of fun stuff. Just like my one month stuff but better! I love tummy time and also love to lay on my back and look at the cutest baby in the mirror. I really love my changing table and don't mind telling you all sorts of stories while I'm on it. I'm still rolling over but only when I feel like it and only from my belly to my back. I can really drool. Oh, and I found my hands and they are great, and make a tasty treat! I still love my mommy but my daddy can really get me laughing. I hold my neck up really well and and getting pretty big. I know I'm posting this kinda late but people I've got a life to live and things get pretty busy when your having fun. So look for my three month post soon. I went to the Doctor for my 2 month check up and it went well. I was 24.5 inches long (90-95%) weighed 13 lb 13 oz (90-95%) and my head was 41.2 cm (75-90%). My Dr. says I'm doing well and I got my shots (even though they scare my mommy). I cried at the nurse but luckily my daddy held me and my mommy kept her head down so she didn't pass out. I wasn't even that fussy for the rest of the day! Anyway I'm growing big and strong and am pretty happy! Hope you are doing well too.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's in a name?!?

My mom made Porter that blanket and it is the softest thing in the world. I love it and so does Porter
The reason for the Season and for Porter (Please note: Kelly was not actually involved in the planning, preparing or making of Porter...she gets the credit because she set Caleb and I up)
Kelly, Katie and me. Aren't we so cute!
My Mom and Dad. My mom stayed with me two weeks and then drove back up a week later. My Dad came up and then drove home by himself and then back up again! Thanks Mom and Dad!
Porter with his Mama and Papa.

Caleb's Grandparents Darwin and Beth and Caleb's mom Janet.
The Wilkins side. Caleb's aunt Gwenna, his bro Pete and his son Derek, Grandpa Darwin Grandma Beth and Janet.
Porter with the Wilkins.
Caleb's Mom who helped after my Mom left.
The Faulkner's. They DROVE all the way to Utah for us ( and maybe my sister's baby blessing and to see their friends). Not only that but my sister Kelly has a terrible allergy to Utah. It gave her diabetes! All that and she still came. Wow. I owe her.
The Proud Parents!!!

On April 25, 2010 we blessed Porter in church. We were able to do it in the Singles Ward Caleb was serving in. So how did we come up with the name? As many of you know my maiden name is Porter, so he was named after me not Rockwell. I am the last Porter and it took me some time to change my name and Caleb liked the name Porter so it worked perfectly. His middle name, Kenneth, is my Grandfather's name. Wilkins is Caleb's last name so we were able to name him using both our family names! How perfect! It was a really neat day and we were so grateful to the family members and friends that made the long trip up to Utah (or Provo) to be a part of it. defines a baby blessing as follows:"Men who have the priesthood can bless babies, usually a few weeks after the babies are born. They must have the permission of the bishop or branch president to do this. The baby’s father can bless the baby if he has the Melchizedek Priesthood... In the prayer, he addresses our Father in Heaven, says he performs the ordinance by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood, and gives the baby a name that is chosen by the parents. He then blesses the baby as the Holy Ghost inspires him."

Blessing Porter in a Singles Ward was nice because he was the only baby being blessed that day and it was the ward we had been attending for almost a year so it really felt like our ward. After the blessing we had a little gathering at our house. Katiebug and Corinne I need you to email me pictures! Caleb's Dad got very ill with a serious infection in his intestines and was not able to make the trip, which meant his two sisters that live at home were not able to come as well. Caleb's other siblings were not able to make it for various reasons. It was really sad to not have Caleb's dad in the blessing but we are very grateful he is doing well now and very grateful to those who were able to make it to the blessing. It was so neat to see a big group of people who love this little baby of ours.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walk like a man....

The College Educated Family!
Porter and his Grandma Wilkins
Porter and his Papa. He couldn't stop smiling at him.
The graduate and his adorable nephew Derrek.
The Grad!
My side of the family. ( I need emails of the pictures you took while I was feeding the kid)
Oh yeah!

Caleb and one of his friends and Porter.
Daddy and Porter matching!

April 24, 2010 Caleb walked! While he has one more class he walked early so we could celebrate with family and friends. It was at BYU and unfortunately his major was one of the biggest and so it turned out to be 3 hours of sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Porter was of course a great baby the whole time (yes, I took my 3 week old baby out). Porter wanted to match his daddy so we went to build a bear and got him his own cap and gown! How cute! I loved it. I also loved that Caleb walked. Education has been stressed throughout my entire life and seeing Caleb walk across the stand was a very proud moment for me. I am so proud of Caleb. The last two years he has earned straight A's until this last semester when he got one B plus. He has worked really hard and was more often than not the highest grade in his class. I am so proud and grateful for all your hard work hubs! After the walk we went to China Lilly to celebrate. So yummy! GO CALEB!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Operation B.S.B

Aka Bringing Sexy Back. That's right. I was talking to my sister Kelly and we both agreed that people need to be more honest. So here it goes. Also I have a slight competitive streak so I figure if I go public with this then it will fuel my fire.
Ok. Operation Bringing Sexy Back...what's that you ask? Well it's my get back to how I want my body to be. My goal: lose ten pounds by July 1, 2010. How much do I weigh now? Yeah RIGHT! Like I would ever say my weight. My plan: Run a lot...I have a schedule I am hoping to stick to, go to the gym 4-5 days a week and start doing some PX90 at home. The diet? Well that's another blog to come...but it's make dinner at home 5-6 nights a week. Hopefully it will be more than that but really I just can't promise that. My inspiration? All those bikinis in my closet. Wanting to be a cute fit mommy and wanting to be a cute fit wife.
So there it is. It's out there. I sure hope this works because I would hate to come back in a month and say I lost. I hate loosing. So I'm going to win. Anyone want to get in on this? How did all you mommy's out there get so skinny so fast? And if it's your genes don't tell me.