Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8 months (June 29.2013)

Hello World! I am 8 months old! My mom tells me all the time that she can't believe it. I can crawl any and everywhere.  I am also crawling up the stairs.  I pull myself up and hold on to furniture and walk around.  I can't sit still.  If you put me down I will crawl wherever I can and explore.  My mom bought a baby gate and she says it is the best thing ever.  I really love to crawl into the bathroom.  I am a tiny little thing.  I eat every four hours and eat as much real food as I can get my hands on.  I have been saying mama and dada for awhile now but now I say them with meaning(not always).  I really love to look into the mirror.  I am a very busy little lady.  I have a little purse that I love to play with, I still love my brothers Woody toy, and any of his toys.  I am very smiley, when we go on walks or to the store people think they have to stop and talk to me. I get very loud and make sure that my voice is heard.  

7 months (May 29, 2013)

Hello World! I am trying to get caught up.  I am seven months old and mobile! I can crawl and roll all over.  I am very ticklish.  I still love food.  If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be sweet potatoes and avocados.  I am getting better at sleeping through the night.  My favorite thing is my mom's hair and my brother.  Porter can make me laugh so hard. I really love to be sung to.  I take two naps a day and eat every four hours.  I am a very distracted eater!  My favorite toys are my brothers Woody toy, my caterpillar toy, and I really like rattles. I love to go on walks, as long as I can sit in the stroller and face out I am happy.  I learned to patty cake and I give open mouth kisses.  I am very cuddly.  When it is bedtime, my mom walks me into my room and I lay my head on her shoulder right away.  Everyone tells me I am a very happy baby.  My mom says that's true but I am also very sassy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

One time I woke up and ran a half marathon

The Utah Valley Marathon and Half Marathon ends near our house, I don't know why but I didn't even think of signing up.  Then Friday night a friend posted on facebook that her brother was hurt and couldn't run it. I was interested but it was like 6 pm.  Who thinks of doing a half marathon 12 hours from the start? With NO training? Crazy people, that's who.  But then the hubs came home from work and asked why I wasn't running the race? Done. I called my friend and meet them to get the bib.  So June 8, 2013 I ran my 6th Half marathon with no training and three hours of sleep.  And I had a blast.  It was a great course, downhill, cool, lots of people, beautiful and just fun.  Around mile 6 I knew I was going to be sick.  At mile 10 I was dying.  My stomach hated me.  But I could still run.  At mile 12, yes ONE mile from the end I had to run into the Einstein's bagel and use the restroom.  I finished in 2 hrs 8 mins, nothing great, definitely not a PR, but I really had a blast!

                                       Me and Sabrina at the start.
                                       With the start line behind us!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Freedom Festival 5k

We couldn't miss our favorite freedom festival 5k! This year was awesome because ALL of my sisters ran it with me! Kelly and Khole stayed with me and we walked to the start. Unfortunately we left really late and it was a LONG walk.  It was not my favorite start to say the least.  By we made it.  It was an unusually humid morning, so thick you could see it.  And of course there were a million people so I spent a lot of time and energy bobbing and weaving around people.  I finished in 27 mins I think.  Nothing special. But it was fun as always.  We then went to the parade and had a packed full day, more to come!
Our little running family!
                                     The famous jumping picture.  Look who jumped higher!
AAAAAANNNDDD the PORTER GIRLS!!! Kendra, Katie, Kelly and Kristie.  I so love my sisters.