Monday, August 31, 2009

Vegas baby

The hubs and I went to Vegas for our two year. We stayed at the Monte Carlo. We had a sweet room, enjoyed some time by the pool and doing everything for free that we could find. We went to a time share presentation and got tickets to Mystere. It was awesome. Caleb got pulled up on stage as "the man in the box". While he was in a box being pulled on stage the presenter came and had a date with me. It was so crazy to be the people from the audience that got to be in the act. But it was a good show and we had a blast being part of it. We went to the M&M factory and found our wedding M&Ms. We went to every major casino and checked out what they had. Our favorite by far was the Belagio. We went to Paris for our food, they have the best food and the BEST crepes! We enjoyed all the night water and flame shows. Aside from the "dirty" parts of Vegas we loved it- who can beat eating soft serve after your breakfast buffet???

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just keep waiting....

It has been forever since I have posted an update on our blog. We have done so much and I have really awesome pictures to post...just not right now. Our life has taken a few changes. 1) Caleb is the 2nd counselor of a SINGLES ward at BYU! I am not at all surprised that he got the call but I am surprised that it happened while I was married to him ( I know they wouldn't give to him if he were single but still). So far so okay. I don't hate it like I thought I would and some days I love it. It has been an adjustment for us both, Caleb is gone A LOT. He has meetings and church stuff a lot. I go to church by myself, sit by myself ( well not really the ward is super friendly and they always sit by me). We went to the R.S. ward camp-out. I had to give a talk-weird. They sang church songs for an hour- even more weird. But live and learn. 2) We MOVED! Yes we took the plunge. We are renting a HOUSE in Provo. IT is amazing. It has 2 bedrooms, huge living room split kitchen too funny to explain, central AIR, new paint, no mold everything we could hope for PLUS a BACKYARD! Needless to say we will be having a BBQ soon. 3) We are going to Oceanside this weekend! Our favorite place to soak up the sun, run, kayak, save sea animals and play with family. I will do my best to post pictures of our past few months. Some things to look forward to ( because I know you are just dying..) Vegas trip, Bear Country, Idaho, Yosemite and tons more.