Friday, September 26, 2008

Meet Rosie

Lately it seems like girls are more inhibited, lacking confidence, or just lacking. I have broadened my horizons and have tried to make my temporary stay in Utah as pleasant as can be. But really what are these people drinking? I have heard "oh I can't do that" or "I'll watch my husband but I'm no good at that" and honestly the list goes on and on. Really? Come on women! Obviously I am a proud yup PROUD feminist. I believe in women and I am proud to be a woman. But that doesn't mean all I can do is cook/clean/make a fetus etc. I encourage those of you out there who may be a bit inhibited to meet Rosie. She did it. She says that you can do go DO IT!

I am IN utah not OF utah

Just for your information!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Has anyone seen my Hubs??

He is very tall and very handsome. Attending BYU full time and working full time. If you see him will you please tell him I miss him.
P.S. Tell him I appreciate his hard work. I know some guys who can't/don't do the work and school thing and I am proud and grateful.

Dont Steal my LUNCH!

So I am officially into my work schedule. My life as follows- Mon-Timp High School Tues-Freedom Elem Wed-Lakerdige Thurs- Shelly Elem Fri- American Fork High. FUN! Anyway I was warned about one of the kids that I work with, he will steal your FOOD! I thought this was funny but no way it would happen to me. It happened..well almost. I went to get him and another student for speech and he ran into the speech room before I could get there. Ha I hid my lunch in my desk I was safe. NOT. I went in and he was searching my desk, and when he walked in he was pretending to look at my papers. I noticed my desk drawer aka my secret lunch location was open. I caught him in the act! I had to drill him for a minute to make sure my lunch was still there. It was, but only because I came in at the right time. Man I never imagined having to watch my lunch so closely!