Monday, November 3, 2008

Consider this blog restricted

Due to some uncalled for comments I have had to think about some things.  Should I set this blog to private and only invite those I want to read to read it?  Should I restrict comments so I read and chose which comments I allow to be posted?  Should I start another blog and only tell certain people the website?  All these ideas have been going through my head.  Hmm, but that's not how I roll.  If you don't like it too bad.  I'm not about to change my blog because of someone else.  However, I don't appreciate being "taught" or "scolded" by other people about my OPINIONS (if you really want to get fired up we should talk politics.) So this is my solution... this blog is for 21 years and older.  And it helps if you have a sense of humor! ENJOY

FYI- not that I think I should have to say this..

If you haven't figured it out I like to joke. Caleb and I are pretty happy-go lucky people that like to have a good time. We joke make fun and enjoy a good laugh. That said most of my "opinion" blogs are making fun. AKA Having a good time. I post them to have fun and poke fun. I never do it in a mean or malicious manner. However, it is my blog and I will DARE to write what I feel. If it gets you upset or "mad" ( why I have no idea) There are two things you should know 1) most likely I'm joking, learn to take a joke, you'll live longer and 2) Do NOT go off on me (get your on blog to do so). Blogging is a funny thing, I have fun with it ALL of my friends have fun with it. And MOST everyone reading this blog/those who know me, know I am just having fun. P.S. I do not like to get into religious matter on a blog, I don't think it is the proper venue for it but that's just me and my blog! THANKS!