Thursday, October 11, 2012

The bump goes on...

These are not in order and I just have to be ok with that. The one at the beach is me at 28 weeks. That was a good week ;). This pregnancy has been so different than Porter's. I didn't get sick right away, more like 8 weeks. I was really sick but didn't vomit nearly as much. I was so tired. And then around 20 weeks I felt pretty good. I was able to keep running, just not as hard or as far for a lot longer. I ran my last mile two weeks ago and it was an 11:50 min/mile. It was amazing, it felt so good...until later that day and the next. Hence I hung up my running shoes for the next few weeks. I hardly read the What to Expect When Expecting, I can hardly remember what week I am, as you can see I forgot to take some pictures some weeks, I don't nearly feel ready. I can hardly believe I'm knocking on 2 weeks. She was transverse, so laying sideways, not head down. That was a scary Dr's visit. So far she has moved head down, but isn't locked and is kinda bobbing around. Hopefully I will know more next week. I do NOT want a C-section. At all. But we don't always get what we want, now do we. I am so excited to meet her, I looked at pictures of Pman as a baby and it made me giddy with excitement. On the other hand I'm really scared, but I already told you about that. And can I just give a big thankyou to all of your sweet comments, emails, texts, prayers, and thoughts. It was so comforting. Well that's all for now!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Park City- Our First Gettaway!

The Hubs' work had a weekend getaway for some of their employees at The Hotel Park City. We were lucky to go. Claire (Caleb's sister at BYU) watched pman. This was huge. It was the first time we have gotten away since having pman and MY FIRST TIME MISSING A NIGHT!!! I was so excited. Don't get me wrong, I love my kid but I am still a fun girl that has a crush on her hubs. I was giggling the whole way up there. The cottage we stayed in was AMAZING. Our first night we walked around and talked with friends and then we enjoyed sparkling cider in our private hot tub on the balcony, it was awesome. Sat morning I tried to sleep in but at 7 I couldn't handle it, so Caleb and I went and hit up the gym. It was super nice and clean. I enjoyed a few miles on the treadmill and did some other stuff and Caleb pumped iron. Then we went back got ready really fast and went and had a delish breakfast on Main street. We walked around, talked and took our time. Then we went to the OUTLETS! The company gave each employee a gift card and some coupons. We went shopping for free! It was really fun, Caleb and I held hands and talked and talked. My sister was also shopping there so we were able to sneak some fun girl time in and look at baby stuff while Caleb hung out with his friends. We shopped for hours! I was in heaven ;) Then we went back to the hotel and took a nap!! Then I took a BATH, a long one! And then just cuz I could I took a shower in the waterfall shower. Then I took my time doing my hair and makeup! SO fun. Next up we had a dinner reservation at Ruth Chris' with everyone from the company. It was fun to talk with the people I knew and the food was ok. The dessert was amazing. After dinner we had some friends over in the hot tub and talking and then the hubs and I climbed in that huge bed and crashed! Sunday morning we slept in, got ready, had a fun breakfast on Main street and headed home. We were ready to see our little man again. It really was an amazing weekend. I loved it!