Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chiang Kai Shek

This is a stone path that is used for foot masage. Traditional culture believes that the feet hold the health for the whole body. It was really painful! That's as far as I made it! This is a picture of one of the parks ponds. They had tons of these all over the park with lilly pads and turtles and coy fish!

Chiang Kai Shek

Here we are at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. This is us at the front gate. Most of it is under construction so we could not go on top or see the changing of the guards. We had a great time here and could easily spend a week here without seeing everything. There were people worshiping in the gardens and doing Tai Chi and dancing.

Eating Good in the Neighborhood

This is a famous street for its eats! The one on the left is the ice monster and the one on the right is the most amazing food. Its a onion oil tortilla with eggs and sauce. It is incredible. We were in Taipei for four days and we ate there 3 days in a row!

Taipei 101

This is the 101! The tallest building in the world ( Dubai has one that will be taller but it is not in use yet so there!) It has the fastest elevators, from the ground floor to the 89th floor it takes 37 seconds! The sign on the 101 was to get the U.N. to offically recognize Taiwan, but the U.N. shot that down. We went to the 91st floor to the outdoor observatory and were able to see all of Taipei. The wind was blowing so hard it made a whistling sound through the rails.

Taipei Temple

Here we are at the Taipei Temple and stake center. The bulidings are beautiful. The stake center has 7 floors to it and a distrubition center in the basement!