Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why I love going home...

Awesome Parks! This park was designed for special needs children so it has a ton of sensory and tactile and musical aspects. It is a remarkable park.
Porter giving Mama knuckles He was really loving on Papa

The girls minus Kristie! We are so excited we can barely wait!!! Marry Poppins!!!Love Love Loved it!The O.C. isn't a fair without funnel cake(please note where Porter's little hand is!) My mom loves me the most so she bought me my own funnel cake! But then those little people wanted some so I shared.

Pageant of the Masters. Went with my sis Katie, met up with Brent and Kelly. Awesome seats. Awesome company. Awesome night!
We hit up some lemonade stands. These kids made a killing!
And an overly crowded show at the library. I love going home! It is always full of fun awesomeness. I really had a blast this time. So did Porter. He sure loves being around all his cousins and his Mama and Papa. Good times for sure!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The sparkle is back!

(although this picture is months old!)

Porter is getting better! And we got some answers. He had rhino and adno viruses. He also had a little pink eye. The highest his fever got was 106. He was one sick boy. We spent a lot of time at the Dr's office, blood lab, ER, and pacing our living room trying to help bring his fever down. It was scary. When they didn't know what was wrong they were worried about a few really MAJOR things. My heart couldn't have handled them and I am so grateful we don't need to worry about that anymore.
My mom drove up to help. She said she felt silly, driving 10 hrs just to sit. Don't feel silly mom. You were more of a help than you know. Porter was so happy to see you, he had to do about 20 mins of tricks. I was so happy to see you. You stayed up with me from 3-5 that night. You slept on our couch, did the dishes, made us food, bought us food, came the Dr with me. I needed you. So thank you!
Porter still has a little runny nose and is having some struggles sleeping through the night. But he is so much better! He finally feels like playing and running. Its the saddest thing to watch your sick baby and not be able to help. I know a lot of prayers were said on his behalf. A lot of people called,( and I didn't call back) I appreciate all the kind words we received. I'm so happy to have those sparkly eyes back!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My sweet boy

Is sick again. I just put him to bed with a fever of 101.9. And yesterday when I got home from work (yes it's that time of year again) he had a fever of 105 so we rushed to the doctors then were rushed to the lab for more blood work and then at 11:45 we went to the E.R. with a fever of 106. He had the works done. X-rays, a snot sucker, and lots of pocking and prodding. Porter mainly wanted his Daddy to hold him the entire time (maybe broke my heart). Then we went home around 2ish AM and struggled to keep our sweet boy's fever down. They still don't have any idea what is going on. It is probably viral. I am so grateful they haven't found anything in the test so far, but at the same time I was some answers and I want something done to help him. Its so hard. Being a parent is hard. Being a parent of a sick baby is really hard. My heart is on my sleeve and ripping at the seam every time his fever goes up. This is personal, if you have any questions about the LDS church please ask, or go to Caleb gave him a blessing last night (one of hundreds lately) and I was so over come with the spirit. I feel like I am begging my Heavenly Father to keep Porter safe. I am so grateful for prayer. I believe it works. Last night Caleb said, " what do the babies in Africa do when they get a high fever?" my heart broke more. I know there are people out there whose babies are very ill, who wont get better, and those that have died. I know I have it really good. I am so grateful for that. But I'm ready to see my babies eyes sparkle again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Hubs,

I am sorry. I am truly sorry. I didn't mean for it to be like that. But it wasn't my fault. I keep a clean house. I change the sheets once a week, vacuum all the carpets once a week (the living room at least 2xs) I dust and mop the floors. So when I was woken up at 3 am by that darling baby boy you gave me and I heard the squeak I freaked out. I almost threw up. I just imagined him sharing my air, and then crawling up my leg and eventually into my mouth. I couldn't handle it. So I got the flash light. And SAW it. Well it's tail. And I could have died. And then we found out it was trapped in the spider box. And then I was doubly disgusted. And you had to wake up and throw that live disgusting rodent out. And I had to sleep with the flashlight. But I promise it wasn't my fault. I have lived in a 3rd world country before. And unless you tell me we are moving to Taiwan tomorrow I won't pretend to be ok with rodents in my house. Did you know they carry diseases? And they could get to Pman. And I can't sleep with their beady little eyes waiting for me to drift into sleep to pounce on me. I just can't. So I'm sorry. I know you didn't get much sleep last night. And you had to go to work today. And I'm sorry in advance for making you help me re-arrange our bedroom tonight so I can vacuum and see if there are any holes in the wall. But you know what? I sure love you hubs!

Monday, August 15, 2011


We are alive, and Porter is well (er). The doctors never really narrowed down what Porter had, they think Roselia, and then an ear and sinus infection. It was a hard week for our little man. Then we headed down to CA to party it up in Oceanside. I have so many pictures to post! Porter is doing so much better but he wakes up in the middle of the night (every night) screaming, like he is in pain, and does it multiple times during the night. Eventually he ends up in bed with us. We are all very tired. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on with Pman? Yikes.... Work starts back on Wednesday. That's the day after tomorrow. And well that's all I have to say about that. Tear. Drop. Drop. Drop...