Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hair's the Deal

THE HAIRCUT!!! On April 3, 2013 just three years after Porter was born he got his FIRST haircut! We went to cookie cutters in Lehi. He sat on the motorcycle and was ready to get it cut.  I am still shocked at how long it was! He was such a bog boy and sat really still for the lady.  I wanted a shag cut, but the hubs wanted it short.  So short it is! And he looks quite handsome.  I cried a little bit.  I took a picture of his sideburns, but I didn't realize she was going to cut them off! I loved them.  No more big-burns Porter! Everyone has been very shocked at how different he looks.  And the most common thing I hear is how much darker his hair got.  His natural ombre is gone.  His hair is super thick and coarse.  I think he will be much cooler this summer.  Long curly hair or short hair, I love this kid.  I'm glad we made it three years, it was fun while it lasted...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  We went to BYU on Saturday for the annual Easter Egg hunt.  We barely made it out alive.  We won't be going back next year! The best part was running into Auntie Claire at the hunt, she was volunteering. Easter Sunday we found our baskets, had a wonderful Sunday, I taught Young Women's and gave each girl a piece of honeycomb just like in the scriptures =), came home and had a Easter egg hunt at our house and then a delish dinner with Claire! It was a fun packed weekend!

If this were my job

I would probably get fired.  A lot of people have asked how the transition to staying at home has gone.  For the most part, great! I get to be home. With my kids.  I saw Shirley roll over for the FIRST time! ME! Not the sitter.  I don't have deadlines, 20 kids to see, reports to write, desks to clean....I can "sleep" in, not get dressed if I choose...I don't really need to go over the perks.  I get to stay home.  But today.  Today was hard.  Just because I don't work doesn't mean everything is easy. It's a given that its a lot easier than if I were working, but some days are still hard.  If staying at home were my job and I was evaluated today my report would look like this:  poor appearance, improper dress attire, bad attitude, lazy, bad attitude, was mean to students (my kids), yelled, short tempered, lack of patience, poor work performance etc.... I was tired. Our house was a mess.  I lost my patience.  I yelled.  I was easily aggravated at things that didn't matter.  I had a bad attitude.   And then I tucked my little man into bed and he told me "I love you so much"  and right then and there I was glad this is my new full time job.  Any other place I would have been chewed out and fired.  But this is my job.  And lucky for me I get to start fresh tomorrow.  See, these kids forgave me, they won't focus on my bad attitude I had today when they wake in the morning. They won't fire me.  They forgave me.  And I am so thankful for that.  here's to a new day...