Monday, December 14, 2009

Only ten more days...

Check out that bump!

'Till my birthday! It's hard to believe that I will be 24.2 this year! Man this year has really flown by. Maybe it's that I'm all over the place with work or Caleb is crazy busy with school and stuff. We are super excited to go to California next week! Good company, good food, good weather...can't wait. The little man is growing quite a bit. Well, he only weighs a pound and a half but he looks bigger than that in my belly. He kicks all the time and lately has been going from one side of my belly to the other. It's fun to feel, especially now that Caleb and my friends can feel him too. It's really strange when you can see him move! He is healthy and happy. His favorite colors are brown and green. He really like peanut butter and bananas with a little touch of honey on it. He will let you know if you are crowding his space, and if a smell offends us we both gag. Anyway, it's finally fun to be pregnant. I still don't dare say the throwing up is's lurking in the dark. But other than that and that I have dr's orders not to run anymore =( things are great. Hope your having a great ten days till my birthday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Bday Kdog,

Katie, You are such a lady. You are not at all faddy. You name could even be sadi.
Today is your day. I want to say Hurray! Let's go out and play.
You son is cute and I have never heard you tute (that's not the truth)
Your getting old or so I'm told.
I bet your back aches but you are never fake.
I like your food and most of the time your mood.
I hope you have fun and aren't the only one.
Your birthday is swell I hope you don't feel like a nell.
We will go out and eat and maybe even get a treat.
See you tonight if we don't get in a fight.

Happy bday Kdog. I wrote this for you on my lunch. I hope you love it, I love you.
Isn't it sad that this is the only pic I could find of us????

Monday, November 16, 2009

Think PINK.....

Next time because we're having a BOY! I was really shocked. Caleb and I both thought we were getting our little girl but I guess I will have to try one more a few years. But now that I know what "it" is I am super excited. It took a while to get over the shock and the sadness of not having a little girl but we are so excited to raise a little man in this world. We are thinking of Pedro or Marty for names. haha. Just kidding. We have a few names on our list and will let the public know when we're good and ready. It was so neat to see my little guy, he was active during the sonogram and he is active most days. I love feeling him move. I used to love to feel my sister's bellies when they were preggo but now I get to feel it from the inside out. Thanks to my sister Kelly who is so awesome and giving me all her boy clothes- and trust me her boys always look like studs. I think I found my calling in life. I will be designing boy clothing. People can say it all they want but there is not nearly as much cute stuff out there for boys as there are for girls. So I am stepping up to the plate.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Swine flu is through and I'm about to vent

It was really truly a horrible experience. That dang pig sickness. Of course it had to happen right when my works Fall break was and my parents came to town. Can you say double lame. I can DOUBLE LAME. My parents were nice enough to see me even though I was sickly. Caleb and I wore face masks though. We have manners. I wasn't up to a lot but I was so happy to see them. I am terribly homesick these days. I miss my fam, the nieces and nephews and I really miss California food. But I was very grateful for their visit. After that I had to get back to work and back to moving. I'm all better now. Aside from the fact that I puked my guts out 20 mins ago. Aww. The joys of growing a person. I'm writing a book. It's about pregnancy. It tells the truth. So if you are thinking about getting pregnant don't ask me how it is... I will tell you the things they wont. And because I'm grumpy or tired of barfing or because this is my blog and my body don't tell me I can't have just one child. That really really bugs me. Especially if you are a man. UGH! So many people have told me "Oh you can't have just one". So many men have told Caleb "Oh she can't stop at one." Really. Want to dare me? Because I could very well just have one. Don't get me wrong I am very grateful that I was able to get pregnant, I am grateful to be able to have a child. But it hasn't been a walk in the park for me. I have been really really sick and if we decide to have just one. Well that's up to us. Just like when we decided to have a child, we sure didn't ask for your input or even involve you in it, or when it happened and we waited for many reasons to let people know. It was between us. Not you. So there. I didn't realize I was so grumpy. But it really feels good to get that out. On another note, thank you for your well wishes and prayers. It meant the world to me. Thank you Corinne for dropping that sweet basket off. You are so sweet. I will post pictures of non negative things very soon! =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

I have this....

Swine flu. Yep. How did it happen? Not sure. Probably all those sweet children I work with that you send to school even though they are sick. Thanks for that. Here's how it happened. Saturday I felt A-OK, went out for our day events and then in the evening threw up, I thought it was because I had waited too long to eat. Then we got back to our friends house and I didn't feel so great but didn't think anything of it. I had a little cough. We got home and I felt like crap. I was coughing all night. Went to bed and woke up feeling like death was hiding in the corner. I had a fever and cough. Swine flu had not been an option in my head. Then I threw up again. Then we my fever kept going up and I was feeling worse we went to the Urgent Care. They said it. Those dirty words. Swine flu. They tested me but because their is only one testing center and that is in SLC they wouldn't know until tomorrow. Because I'm pregnant they didn't want to risk it. So they put me on some swine flu meds. We went home after a very upsetting visit to the pharmacy and I took my meds. Not an hour later I threw up again. I called my OB and he said just try small sips but if I can't get hydrated we would need to go to the ER. I threw up directly after talking to him and every half hour after that. So we headed to the ER. I threw up there but they were so good to me and were worried about the baby so they put me in a private room until they could get me a bed. The nurse had the hardest time getting my veins for blood work and an IV. It was a painful experience to begin with and then when she couldn't get my vein I though I was going to die. I'm a baby. They got us a room and put two liters into me through an IV. They gave me some anti-nausea meds and some more meds for the swine flu. They checked the baby and all is well. We were able to go home after about 6 hours. I felt horrible today and spent the majority of it sleeping and fighting my fever. I did drink a whole Carmel apple cider from Starbucks and ate a pumpkin scone. I have been working on drinking water. It's not been an easy task. But I feel good enough to write this down so that's a plus. I have complete faith in prayers. I am grateful to those who have been praying for me so far and would appreciate any prayers if you feel so inclined. I was and still am concerned about our baby. It's funny. I thought I wanted a girl. I thought bows and dresses would be so fun. I can honestly say I don't care what this baby is so long as it's healthy. ( I still love bows ;) Please don't tell me how dangerous the swine flu is for pregnant people. I know. I have heard it from the urgent care, the pharmacist, the ER etc. I don't need to worry any more. The best thing I can do is take the medicine and stay hydrated. I wanted to let those of you who have heard some of the story know what's going on and also document this for myself. I really hope all of you are healthy and washing hands often, wear a mask if you feel so inclined. It's how I'm rolling these days.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This guy...

Rocks my world. He has moved us in, unpacked and organized everything. Has made me breakfast (even when he doesn't have to be up for hours) lunch and dinner for four months! He is has managed the laundry, the dishes, the cleaning all while going to school full time, working and a heavy duty church calling. How lucky am I?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yup, I'm knocked up

I'll answer some of the questions I have received. Yes it's true. No it's not a joke. Yes it was planned (hello do you know me?) Yes I have been super sick. Week 6 and 7 I felt like crap but was in full function mode. Week 8 (the week work started again) I threw up so many times I lost count. Week 9 I got meds and only threw up every now and then. Labor Day we went to dinner with our friends and I got sick, threw up for over 4 hours and missed my first day of work. Went to work on Wed. and passed out while I was meeting someone. Yes I have lost all sense of shame. I have pulled into a parking lot to open my door and vomit all over, gone back to work and noticed that somehow it got on my shirt =). Thrown up in my hand, in many different toilets, my friends street, her lawn. Oh it has really been fun. Some people don't get sick, I envy them. But I am saving (or trying to) my sick days for when the baby comes- which is due March 27th but I would be ok if it came a week late- So I have pulled myself together and gone on living my life. There were and occasionally are still days when I wish I could stay at home and lay around all day. Every time I say how long it's been since I was last sick I always end up sick again- Like today =(. We are super excited and really want a healthy baby. I work with all the worst case scenarios so it's not too far removed from my world. Having a healthy normal baby is such a blessing. If it could have my hair and Caleb's eyes I wouldn't complain.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I need a time out...

Today is bad. So bad that I had to get on mt soap box and cry a river. So here it goes: It took me an HOUR to get home from work today. I was in Saratoga and I loath Saratoga. I stayed on one road (basically in one spot) for 30 mins. I have to drive with stupid Utah drivers and get a rock chip in my window...again. I also hate that Semi-trucks can get away with ruining my windshield. I get home. Turn on the TV and the ONLY channel we are getting is the Mexican channel. UGH! I don't live in freaking Mexico. I am not ok with having a Spanish speaking teacher for kids to "learn" English when our Special Needs kids can't get a one-on-one aides. I am not ok with paying taxes for illegal immigrants to use the hospital as their one stop Doctor apts. I am not ok with jobs going to illegal immigrants when we have thousands of our citizens who need jobs. I am not ok with enabling these illegal immigrants to get the lifestyle they have without doing it the legal and right way. I am perfectly happy and appreciate those who do come here (the U.S) legally, learn English and contribute every bit as much as someone who was born here. There. After stupid traffic, a rock chip, some other petty stuff I couldn't even write down, and a Mexican channel for TV, I realize I have it pretty good. I have a car to drive in traffic, a job to wear me out, a family to come home to and a TV to watch something (even if it's not in English). I thought about erasing this instead of posting it but I think I will keep in case my bad mood tries to strike again. I need to remember what really matters and how many blessing I have in my life. (I still think TV should be in English.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Caleb is Jarebare's favorite. He will tell you this openly.
Caleb and I went for a hike and meet up with everyone else after. We took them to a bridge and I lifted Jared up so he could see the view. He took a look and said "This is the most beautiful place eva!" It was so genuine and adorable. He can't say his /r/ sound.

Quinn and Jake before the night show or maybe they were taking a break. I wish you could see Jake's face, he's too cute. Don't you just love the mini camping chairs!

The hubs and I.

My mom and I. Once again I wish I had more pics of the family. Hum maybe if you have some you could email them to me?

The GParents minus Johnny who was too new to come to the Y party.

I have no idea why the spacing between pictures is different. Anyway, here we are at Yosemite. We went with my family (minus Kelly, Brent and Johnny). We had a blast! After our 12 hour drive we were so glad to see Kristie, Dave, Mattie, Jake, Mom, Dad, Khloe, Jarebear, Katie, Aaron and Quinn. My parents let us crash with them in their cabin, nothing better than a SLUMBER PARTY!!!! We had a great time swimming in freezing cold water, going on hikes, seeing the Redwood Trees, more hikes, bike rides with cute kids and seeing TWO bears. Who were in deed too close for comfort, a lot of deer, eating yummy food cooked by my bil Dave, the best bonfire with a light show like no other! We really had a great time. It was so fun to see my family and to enjoy the beautiful earth we have. We can't wait for next time!

Monday, September 14, 2009


After Montana we were able to meet up with Joe and Steff in Idaho. We stayed with Steff's family and ran a 5k on the 4th of July. It was both of our slowest 5ks but that's what we get for staying up and playing too hard. I wish I had a picture of all four of us after the race but I left my camera. After that we went to the parade. Please note the tree of liberty with Obama as the axe. Um can we say right winged repubs?!?! Crazy. I know most of you aren't Obama supporters (I have some issues with him) but lets not hate our President. We went to a yummy
breakfast, took a very long nap and went to an awesome firework show. They time the radio with the fireworks and it is a great show. If I had been thinking I would have snapped more pictures.

Monday, September 7, 2009


We were able to take a ride on the four wheeler. The best was Brian's dad would pick up the yard on the four-wheeler.

Just look at the pure joy on these boy's faces. This was a level 3 and a blast. Becka and I went in a 6 peson raft and she hasn't sent me pictures of those yet...

The plug in the raft came undone and flooded the raft. They had to pull over and let the water out. It was beyond freezing cold water.

This is Becka and Brian. They were awesome enough to let us stay with them at their family cabin. It was a really sweet cabin and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it.

This is Bear Country Breakfast. You have to eat big to play big. We did both.

Bear Country is also know as Big Sky.

And the dog. Caleb fell in love with this dog. She was such a good dog. We had a blast in Bear Country. We couldn't take a ton of pictures because we were in the river most of the time. We had fun rafting in the river by their cabin, and also when we loaded up and drove somewhere and everyone (like 20 people) rafted down a huge river. It was beautiful in Bear Country.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Vegas baby

The hubs and I went to Vegas for our two year. We stayed at the Monte Carlo. We had a sweet room, enjoyed some time by the pool and doing everything for free that we could find. We went to a time share presentation and got tickets to Mystere. It was awesome. Caleb got pulled up on stage as "the man in the box". While he was in a box being pulled on stage the presenter came and had a date with me. It was so crazy to be the people from the audience that got to be in the act. But it was a good show and we had a blast being part of it. We went to the M&M factory and found our wedding M&Ms. We went to every major casino and checked out what they had. Our favorite by far was the Belagio. We went to Paris for our food, they have the best food and the BEST crepes! We enjoyed all the night water and flame shows. Aside from the "dirty" parts of Vegas we loved it- who can beat eating soft serve after your breakfast buffet???

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just keep waiting....

It has been forever since I have posted an update on our blog. We have done so much and I have really awesome pictures to post...just not right now. Our life has taken a few changes. 1) Caleb is the 2nd counselor of a SINGLES ward at BYU! I am not at all surprised that he got the call but I am surprised that it happened while I was married to him ( I know they wouldn't give to him if he were single but still). So far so okay. I don't hate it like I thought I would and some days I love it. It has been an adjustment for us both, Caleb is gone A LOT. He has meetings and church stuff a lot. I go to church by myself, sit by myself ( well not really the ward is super friendly and they always sit by me). We went to the R.S. ward camp-out. I had to give a talk-weird. They sang church songs for an hour- even more weird. But live and learn. 2) We MOVED! Yes we took the plunge. We are renting a HOUSE in Provo. IT is amazing. It has 2 bedrooms, huge living room split kitchen too funny to explain, central AIR, new paint, no mold everything we could hope for PLUS a BACKYARD! Needless to say we will be having a BBQ soon. 3) We are going to Oceanside this weekend! Our favorite place to soak up the sun, run, kayak, save sea animals and play with family. I will do my best to post pictures of our past few months. Some things to look forward to ( because I know you are just dying..) Vegas trip, Bear Country, Idaho, Yosemite and tons more.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Happy Birthday! I love you tons and miss you tons. I am so lucky to have a mom like you. You rock! Thanks for giving life to me, raising me, teaching me about stuff, showing me stuff, taking me on rides, stupid road trips, feeding me...The list goes on and on mom. But there are a few items I would like to stress: 1) Thanks for stressing the value of education. I am amazed how little kids my age lack a desire to get an education. That was never an option for any of us girls. You taught us to get an education in something we value and to DO something with it. You provided so much for us. 2) Thanks for speaking you mind...I know where I came from. You stand your ground and speak your mind. I love that about you mom! It helps that you have a high voice and smile so people don't have a chance to think your insulting them! 3) Thanks for teaching me to be a GIRL. You know what I'm talking about. I ALWAYS wear a SLIP. I see SO many girls that do NOT and need too. I know how to sit, eat, act like a LADY because you taught us mom. 4) Thanks for teaching me to have fun. You have a positive outlook on life mom and that is contagious. 5) Thanks for practicing what you preach. You love the gospel and you live the gospel. Thanks for being understanding while I figured things out. Lady, I love you. You are my best friend. I wish I could be there on your BDAY to celebrate with you. I hope you have a great day. I love and miss you tons. Happy BDAY!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What up.

I know I have not updated our pictures from all that we have been up too but I will as soon as I can... Here's a taste of pictures I stole from other people's blogs! Yep! We have had a ton of BBQ's but have not made a blog yet. That will change soon. And weather allowing were having one this sat. Smell this....Your coming. We have also attended the temple with some friends. Good's ok to laugh in the temple right?And of course I have to shout out to my gfl's. I love you. I miss you all. We need a reunion. The last stud is Owen. He is adorable. I miss him and need a date with him and bug. I feel really blessed in the friend department. L_o_v_e you girls. And I'm thinking of starting a running group....Anyone interested???? say yes.