Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guess what???

We leave tomorrow for a little trip down to St George. To. Run. My. MARATHON!!!! AWWWWW. All the training I put in is going to pay off, and all the times I cheated are going to pay in. Yikes. I'm excited and scared. I hope my tummy doesn't give me any problems like it has in the past. I hope my heart doesn't burst. I hope my legs don't break. I hope I finish! Wish me luck!!! (I'm going to need it!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oceanside 2011

Family Picture (Don't we look good with sun on our skin?!)
Family! My sis, me, my cousin Anna, Camille (soon to be cousin-in-law) Aaron
Pman's best friend Wesley came to play! Too bad Pman slept most of the time...
Bestest! These are some of our favorite friends. Becka and Brian, can't wait for you to move here!
If i looked hard enough I bet I could find a picture of us here like 15 years ago. i love you becka!
When we go to Oceanside (every year my entire life) we try to make sure we look like turists and do silly things. Like the surry. Don't worry we beat the other group pretty hard core.
Pretty much the only sighting at our 2 am low tide trip. Pretty sad.
It wouldn't be Oceanside without a bonfire and light parade.Let's just say we know how to party!
Porter's first light parade (he was sleeping during last years)
These two are best buds and always up to trouble. Look at the pure shock of Pmans face when I came around the corner. Too cute.
We had a girls night, minus Kristie plus Dad to see the movie The Help. It was so fun! We had treats and laughed and even danced. The best was the Chinese Fire Drill! Good times!
My boys!
Happy bday to Papa!
These two sure love each other. (for the 30 sec we took pictures)
Me and my twin. Everyone always tells us we look and sound the same. We also have the same sense of humor so they may be on to something...
Lots of time digging in the dirt! Porter loved the ocean and couldn't get enough. When his lips turned blue we had to pry him away!
Daddy was able to come the entire week! These two are the best of buds. It's a mans world.
I was able to see one of my best friends, Jessica! And her big event! The Queen Bee Market. Loved it!
Of course it wouldn't be a trip to CA without seeing Great grandpa Bill. Pman loved it as you can tell!
All in all Oceanside was a blast! It just gets better and better! I can't wait to go next year. And yes I am already counting down the days! Next post will be our trip to SEA WORLD!!! It was amazing!

Family pictures

My amazingly talented sister Kristie took these family pictures while we were in Oceanside. Here are just a few and I couldn't love them more!

Porter's first cut

Hair cut that is. And we only trimmed the bangs! Tricked ya! We are not Orthodox Jews so I felt ok with trimming his bangs. (in case your wondering we are not cutting this little mans hair until he turns three, as we are participating in upsherin) And just to clear it up we are LDS, not Jewish but I love learning and participating from other religions. He hated every second of it. Good thing it was only the bangs!!

Thirty, flirty and thriving

Proof that Caleb did have a birthday. Sort of. A friend of ours delivered a big 'ol batch of balloons to Caleb's desk (he told me I wasn't allowed too) we surprised him with some doughnuts, cookies, presents and lunch. Caleb is not big into birthdays. I am. It took everything in me not to throw a huge surprise party. I had to remember it was his day, not mine and it helped that Porter was sick and most of our attention was on getting him better. Probably not the best 30th bday, but given the circumstances I'd say we did ok.