Sunday, May 19, 2013

My three year old pman:
 I asked Porter the following questions and here are his answers.  Straight from his mouth...

Favorite food: Pizza/mac and cheese
Favorite friends: johnny, jakey, mattie, khloe, jarebear, jarron
Favorite show: wild krat
favorite sport: bowling ball (but I think he said that because that's what he was holding at the time)
Favorite color: red (and it's any one's guess if he means blue or red =)
Favorite activity: coloring, games 
Favorite snack: McQueen snacks
Favorite animal:polar bears
Favorite song: ABC's next time sing with you
Favorite thing to pass time: Walk
What do you want to be when you grow up: I want to be a cheetah
 Out of the mouths of babes.  And he is one cute babe.

I think I'm pretty good at this...

This whole making cute baby stuff.  And why are the pictures distorted?  Kdog, kristie tips?

One of my favorite milestones

Maybe it's because babies are so cute, or because baby feet are so cute.  Maybe it's the combination of the two, or they way they bend their little bodies to get it.  Maybe it's the loud sucking nose, like that's the best thing they have every tasted.  I don't know why, but this is by far my favorite milestone.  Oh my goodness.  I wish she did it more!

Six months, Half a year! What?!?!

Hello world,
This is my six month post! Can't believe I am half a year old. Time has just flown by.  My mom can't believe and wishes time would seriously slow down.  I am eating three meals a day, usually an oatmeal, a fruit and then a veggie.  I love to drink water but especially love prune juice.  I am pretty strong for such a little lady.  I sit all the time (and have been for months now)  I roll wherever I want and I am getting seriously close to crawling.  I like to grab things and I have a very tight grip.  I still think my brother is hilarious.  When we are driving in the car we often are just laughing at each other.  I am really smiley.  I love to be tickled.  My favorite toy is my bunny stuffed animal, indestructible book, and anything I can pound with.  I am still in a size two diaper. I weigh 14.4 lbs.  So I'm still pretty small.  Nothing to worry about, just a petite little lady.  I love my binky.  I love my mommy's hair even more than ever.  I am really attached to my mom.  If I get hurt or am sad and crying and someone else is holding me, but I can see my mom I cry/scream until she holds me.  My mom tells me I am her most adorable accessory, because I am usually on her hip.  I love to be outside.  Watching my brother swing is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.  I like to touch people's faces.  I can almost lift my self to seated position from laying down.   My abs are hard core.  I love life and am a really happy baby.  I am sleeping much better, when I am not sick.  I LOVE bath time.  I just want to sit there and splash all day.  When my mom takes me to the bathroom and I can see the bath I try to twist out of her arms to get in it.  I'm pretty excited about our summer of swimming.  I love to be sung to.  I am very cuddly.  When I am getting to put to bed by my mom, we walk in the room and she starts singing and I lay my head on her shoulder.  I'm pretty sweet.  I sure love life and can't believe how fast it's going by!

5 months

Hello world, pretend it's March 29.  I'm a bit behind, life is pretty busy when you're growing up.  I had started eating lots of food, at four months my mom started giving me cereal and some veggies.  Now I eat two meals a day and I love food.  I nurse every four hours.  I have had a few bad colds and that really messed up my ability to sleep through the night.  Often, I wake at 3 am and think I need to eat.  My mom says I need to work on that.  I really like my car seat toy, dolphin toy and anything that makes music.  My favorite thing is probably my moms hair.  I like to twirl it in my fingers and if she puts her hair back, I get frustrated but then play with my own hair.  I have a little bunch of hair on the top of my head, it makes for a great mohawk.  I love my brother Porter.  I think he is so funny.  Even when he isn't exactly being nice.  He might be pushing me and I will be laughing away, until I get hurt.  Then I scream.  People are always talking about how smiley I am.  I am a pretty happy little girl.  I smile at pretty much everyone.  I don't like to be left alone.  If my mom sits me on the floor to play I am just fine, but when she leaves the room I have to cry.  I roll everywhere I want.  If I see a toy that's out of reach I can roll and get it.  I'm starting to reach for things on the floor, (mom, you might need to vacuum everyday now).  I have started pushing my belly off the floor.  One night I pushed my belly off and got on my toes and started rocking.  Then the 'rents put one of pman's toys just out of my reach and I crawled to get it! I still do a little rocking and almost always have my chest off the floor.  I am just growing like a weed...but I'm still a little thing.  And that's ok.  I also LOVE my binky now.  For the first four months I didn't care for it and sometimes hated it, but now I really like it.  Well that's all for now! 


Monday, May 13, 2013

Four months

Hello World,
Here is my news at 4 months of age! I am a very smiley baby. I have a little bit of hair, mainly a little plop on the top of my head.  I am sleeping fairly well when I am not sick.  I eat every three hours, but I am still a fickle eater.  I roll over all the time.  I don't mind tummy time but if I get sick of it I just roll over.  I love my mommy the best.  Sometimes I cry if I see her and she isn't holding me.  I love Porter.  I still think he is the most hilarious person out there.  I like to be outside.  My little body doesn't stop moving.  I am still a little petite. My mom prefers "dainty".  I started eating rice cereal and I love it.  I love the spoon, the bowl AND the food.  My stats are weight- 12.76 lbs-13%,  length 24.5 inches-35.53%,  head circumference 16.75-88.64%.  I am pretty sweet and will smile at everyone. My favorite toy is my Sofie the giraffe an indestructible book.  I love that book so much.   I am growing and loving life!


I have a three year old

And I am currently telling him not to step on his sister.  Read: this will be a quick post.  Porter turned three! He got his haircut for the first time.  Everyone that knew him with long hair was blown away.  He looks pretty dang handsome, if you ask us.  He is potty trained.  Not entirely at night but rocking the day time potty.  Want to know my secret? I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I knew lots of moms that were potty trained, but I wanted Porter to be potty trained.  And now he is.  Totally worth the wait.  But that's just me.  He is still talking a ton, all the time ;) His clarity has drastically improved.  He still has night terrors.  He weighs 37 lbs.  He is in the high 80's and low 90%s for all his stats.  He is a BIG boy. He wears size 4t and 5t.  Size 10 shoe.  The kid is solid.  He is already an athlete.  He rocks at his balance bike, can play soccer, hit a ball and as always has quite the arm.  I expect a full ride sports scholarship from this kid...  I feel like he is growing like a weed.  Some of my favorite things he says are:  Chocolate shaken (he is starting to say shake), how we gunna do??, er turn, er go do that, (cracks me up), I'm cited! (excited) GUSTING (disgusting and he says it with meaning), let's roll, let's do this, and that's all I can think of right now.  His favorite things to eat are hamburgers, chocolate shakes, pizza, bread sticks, and fruit snacks.  Such a well balanced diet! I am by far the best mom ever, I am still figuring out this whole 3 year old thang, (can I have my 2 year old back?), I am always working on my patience and temper but I wouldn't trade him for the world.  We sure love him. I am way behind with blogging, shirley's blessing, her 4, 5, 6, and soon 7th month post, our trip to Ca, new milestones and changes and life fun.  All with pictures!!