Saturday, May 28, 2011

What the heck?

Why did blogger post my Easter post AFTER the last post I did? I cannot figure it out...or how to change it. So if you want to see our amazing Easter and our MATCHING BOW TIES (oh yes I did) then scroll down past my feeding blog. And if anyone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate the help!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Porter Pictures

In case you couldn't tell I am totally obsessed with my kid. He has great hair and we are still not cutting it until he is three. Seriously. He loves to cook with Dad and is my favorite dress up partner for Sunday's. This kid totally rocks our world.


I had to take a picture of this stuff. And there was more but I packed it before I thought to take a picture. Here you see my BREAST FEEDING stuff. And now it's gone! I am DONE nursing Porter (and was April 4,2011) and couldn't be happier! Breast feeding was one of the most challenging things I have done. Physically, Porter had trouble latching. Three visits to the lactation consultant and lots and lots of tears and pain, purple paste on my nipples due to the oh so horrible mastitis I got when Porter was under a week old. Oh man did we have it rough. I almost quit. Almost. And then my mom said "you're not the quiting type". But it was hard. And then three weeks after Porter was born my katiebug suggested I try a nipple gaurd. And things got better...not easier. I still have scars on my nipples. Yes, scars. And I had to pump at work(so not fun, and I worked full-time until the end of December) When Porter started sleeping through the night at 1 week, I still got up to pump so he would have milk when I went back to work. Porter had formula maybe three times when he was jaundice. Now I am not a hippie. I did not love nursing Porter. Sometimes I hated it. But I did it. I'm grateful things worked out, I'm grateful Katiebug told me about the gaurd, I'm grateful I had that time with Porter (most of the time), I'm grateful I fought for my milk supply so I didn't lose it at work, but mainly I'm grateful it's over!!!!!

Let's put the FUN back in...

funeral. Pa's funeral was absolutely beautiful. I learned so much more about this amazing man and felt so uplifted by the life he lead and the legacy he left us. My dad spoke and gave the most amazing talk. Two other people that were close to Pa gave talks and I gave the opening prayer. It was really a beautiful service. After the ward had a lunch for the family...I have no interest in eating after a funeral. Thinking of it makes me feel sick to my stomach and I just don't get it. But Porter does not share my opinions on this matter. He ate more funeral potatoes than I knew possible. My sister Kristie isn't in the picture because she was talking to some relative...not a sister. Some people thought it was weird to take pictures. I sure didn't! Little Lila was so tired and just had to cuddle her mama and take a nap!


We were able to go to California for Easter this year! (Pa's funeral was the day after so everyone was home!) This was our first real Easter with Porter, last year we were in the hospital with a brand new baby Porter. My sister Kelly and Kristie really stepped up this year. As you can imagine my mom had enough on her plate planning her Dad's funeral and taking care of family things, so it was really nice to see all the effort they put into Easter. All I have to say is MOVE OVER Martha Stewart. This Easter was awesome. The boys had cameo baskets and the hunt was incredible. Don't mind the fact that I was getting Pman all the money eggs. The dinner was even better and I was lucky to get a taste of the fresh made lemonade. This year I wanted Porter and the hubs to match for Easter, but I didn't want to be left out. So I found a cute tutorial for bow-ties, asked the hubs if he would pretty please wear one (he didn't even was like "baby, I'll do anything for you" but without those words) and made all of us bow ties. I love them. And the hubs for going along. We had a blast this Easter. (how is it that I don't have a picture with my sisters????)

Cutest Kid...

Ever. 'nough said!

Back-back to Cali (part one)

When I found out my Pa (grandpa) wasn't doing very well it happened to fall on my Spring Break at work. Pa had told me a few months ago that he wanted to see me and Porter again before he died. I promised him he would. We found out Saturday that Pa wasn't doing well and Sunday we bought out tickets. This was one of the best trips I have had in California. I didn't get to see my sisters hardly at all, my dad or any of my friends, we didn't go shopping or playing. I saw my Pa. I told him I loved him and always felt so close to him. I told him I knew the Gospel was true. I told him he didn't need to be afraid. I was able to see him look at Porter with so much love it breaks my heart now that I didn't cherish that a bit more. I watched him make some very hard choices and I watched him slip farther and farther away. These pictures of Porter and me and Pa are the last I have of him. I will always hold them dear to me. I am so grateful that my mom and dad didn't mind Pman and I spoiling their week and having two more people to worry about. I am so glad I was able to see my Pa and hug and kiss him. It's amazing how much I miss him and how so many things pop up that make me think of him.

Friday, May 6, 2011

12 months

Pretend it's April 3rd

Hey World!
It's me Porter. Well this is my last "month" picture. I can't believe I'm double digits. One year has been really awesome. I had a sweet party on April 2nd and had a great birthday day at home on the 3rd. I have lots of new and improved skills. I still clap and play peek-a-boo. I am standing a ton and have taken a few very careful steps. I can shake it like a rock-star, especially on my change table. I love to crawl with a car in each hand. I say "dada, mama, Hi, yeah, uh-oh, wazat (what's that), shake my head yes and no sign "all done". I am 30 and 7/8 inches tall, I weigh 20 lbs 10 oz my head is 48.4 cm. I love to play and read books. I love to be chased around the house and go outside (when it's warm). My hair is really curly and it's the talk amongst the ladies. So needless to say the 'rents still are keep with the Jewish tradition and not cutting it until I'm three. That's only two more years! I love kids but I'm kinda hands on and some babies shy away from that. I love my daddy and mommy and love being the center of their world right now! One is great! I'm excited for life as a big (er) kid! Thanks for checking in!


Porter Party Part 2

Porter had a great FIRST birthday! He loved his cake...eventually. He loved all his presents! And he loved everyone! Naturally we had a pinata (because we know how to party), un-naturally it was a steel enforced pinata and took forever. (next time I'll put candy in there, just toys this time). We had a blast and are so excited for our new adventures with a ONE year old!


I have had a good time laughing at some things going on in the blogging world! Geeze louise some people need to calm it down. Now lets clear up some of my personal blog rules and guidliness. I blog about my life. That includes, my hubs awesome beard (see post below), my cuttest baby in the world, races I'm running (like the Provo half marathon tomorrow), work (because I DO work), dates, sad things, happy things and silly things. Like this post.

Ok. Is this thing working? Is the volume turned up? Checking, checking 1,2,3. Oh good. Ok now some people on know their "friends" by blogging. I'm guilty of that for a few people. Just so ya know, I like to have fun. I like to ruffle the stiff air (especially here in Provo) and I am not afraid to speak my mind. Sometimes I make fun of a situation that happened to me. Sometimes I tell people I have had it with nasty comments (ie about working moms). Sometimes I say I can do more than cook, clean and make a fetus. (which by the way, I made I really cute one!)And sometimes people don't know how to take a joke.

So here's how: laugh. I know, I'm a really good teacher. So don't get your feathers in a ruffle over anything on my blog. I have a really good sense of humor and can't help my witty writing. (aka that was a joke). SO I do hope my real friends keep up with me through blogging (I PROMISE to post more really fun pictures) and I hope those that read my thoughts/feelings/insights on life and go post nasty comments, get upset (because there is really nothing to get upset about-unless your jealous of my amazing shopping buys) or want to start a post war: GET a GRIP!

This blog is for fun. And really for me. I understand that when I post outside of pictures and butterflies, some people aren't going to like it but when intent to hurt is NOT there, I think we should stop being self-centered and know that it's not about YOU (on my blog, smiley face) Ya know what I mean?

What's that hair on your face?

The hubs decided to do a challenge at the BOYS CLUB (aka work) where he wouldn't shave until he met his goal for the quarter. A quarter is 3 months long and his goal was absurd. So here it is! The BEARD! Three months of no shaving and my hairy man had quite the beard. If you know Caleb, you know that he hates to have facial hair. I hate it when he shaves everyday. We had fun with this and really had fun laughing at peoples rude comments. But alas the beard had to go. It took Porter awhile to adjust back to the non-mountain man Daddy and I enjoyed kissing his lips without moving his hair out of the way. His boss loved it and we had a good time with it. I'm glad to see your skin again babe!