Friday, March 21, 2008

Its supposed to say anti-women NOT being pro-women.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Here I am in Provo, Utah and have experienced many "You know your in Utah when" moments. Utah is really pretty and has lots of outdoor things to do. It has its downs too, like the people. So Caleb and I went into a store and we had to fill out some information and give our names. I gave my name, Kendra P. And Caleb gave his. The girl stops and looks at us and says "Oh I thought you were married" and we said we are married. And she thinks for a second and goes "Oh I'll change her name for her". And I said "no, thanks" Caleb is telling her not to as well. Then she looks at Caleb and says "She doesn't really NOT want to change her name does she?" All the while NOT acknowledging that I am right in front of her. So Caleb tells her "No, she doesn't want to change her name". The girl very offended that I think for myself and am not stuck but some rules that have NO meaning to me asks "Why would she not want to change her name?" I inform her that its my name and just because I got married does Not mean that I lost my identity, also that name has background. Kendra Porter has graduated from a University, you can come see the Diploma. She has traveled numerous different countries and has experienced numerous different things. Turns out the girl changed my name anyway and so the next time I saw her I made her change it back. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS LIKE THIS???
Don't answer that because I am afraid the answer will be YES. Let me clarify. Caleb and I got married and SIX weeks later moved to Taiwan. I didn't have time to change my name and get my new passport. So I kept it. We got back, moved to Utah and I admit I haven't changed it yet. Am I planning on it? Yes. However, I am lucky enough to have a husband that doesn't expect me to change my name. But lets become forward thinkers here. Lets move past the 1920's where the only role women have is in the shadow of her husband. Imagine a world where you don't have to change your name. ( Why don't the men?? It's not like its just as EASY for them to do it as it is for women). Imagine a world where even if are a name changer ( like I will be one day) you don't force that upon other women. Don't criticize them or cringe at the thought that they can be so independents. And certainly do NOT change THEIR name for them.

This sounds anti-men, but its not. It's anti-women being pro- women. I am sure its just that I am living in this bubble where the people don't always think for themselves and have a bad case of tunnel vision. Don't worry mom, I will change my name but please lets grow a little tolerance here.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

He couldn't keep his TRUNK off me!!

This is Bang Bang! We got to ride him through the forest in Cosa mui and it was the best experience ever. It was a DREAM COME TRUE for me. All my life I had want to backpack Thailand and ride an elephant. I got both! Bang bang was the best. He loved to dance and talk! I fell in love! I have always had a love and appreciation for elephants and this just made it stronger. If I could have it my way we would be hanging out with Bang Bang right now! I loved him so much. He was beautiful and his tusks were amazing. While on the topic of elephants I must say that purchasing anything that contains ivory makes you a murder. I watched a special in Taiwan ( in English) about the people that kill elephants for their tusks. Over half of their bodies are left to rot, only a little is taken for food. I strongly feel this is a serious issue and we need to fight against it. Or there isn't going to be any more Bang Bangs to love.


Here we are at our Bungalo in Cosa Mui, an Island off of Thailand. We spent the 90 degree days on the beach and the nights eating yummy food!!

Ahh the good warm days

This is Caleb and me on our honeymoon in Aruba. We have been having nice weather in Utah and then we got hit with a nasty storm today, I am currently sitting in my car while its snowing. This picture made me realize how much I miss the warm sun!! And of course the beach!!

Random Facts

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1) I LOVE to vacuum. It is my favorite thing to do and it really bums me out if Caleb beets me to it!

2) I wash my hands like 30 times a day. I work with little kids and am paranoid about taking any germs from them, so I wash and wash.

3) I love to run and am running the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco in October.
Along with that I am EXTREMELY competitive so when I run on the treadmill I have to run faster and longer than the person next to me!

4) I want to live in a different country for a few years. Caleb and I loved Taiwan and I made him promise me ( not the other way around believe it or not) that we would go back and live for a few years.

5) I listen to peoples speech and analyze it especially if I hear a speech error.

6) I will NEVER eat any seafood. If I don't eat them then maybe they won't eat me, I love to play in the ocean and I'll make whatever deals I can

7) I hate gum. I think it is so gross to keep one piece of food in my (or for you) mouth for so long. Ugh it makes me gag!