Friday, June 20, 2008

DreEEEAM- Dream dream dream

I realize that most people have dreams that they can remember in very vivid detail but some of my dreams lately have let me feeling restless. First there was the dream (if you can call it that) where I was being held captive by .... Warren Jeffs. Now not wanting to go into details; my dream confirmed what I thought about him, he is the most disturbed and sick and evil man alive. Anyway it involved being held captive, trying to save my little (non existent) sister and finally me standing up to him and escaping(go me!) Then there's been the dreams of fighting monsters, having friends over to dinner and end up fighting with them and they leave in a taxi. The worse was me running my marathon and not being able to run and it taking forever and me finishing in 6 hours; when I looked at the finish time I cried. Then last nights. I was at Walt Disney World which was conveniently located in London and was there with my hubs and some friends. My mom and I were looking at suckers when all the sudden these demon butterflies and bugs came about. Turns out I had to discover the power within me to fight them off, with a sword, and I did. How weird right? Let me just say Caleb and I don NOT watch and demon movies are not computer "Gamers" so there is no WOW in my life ( if you don't know what that is I am proud of you). Could it be the foods I'm eating? The hour I go to sleep? I really don't think my current novel written by Nicholas Sparks has anything to do with these, but who knows? Well hopefully I can find rest in knowing that I have been to London, I have battled demons (with a sword) and that even if I don't like the time I did it in, I have finished a marathon! Sweet Dreams everyone!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Save the Date!!!

Caleb and I are doing the Park City Marathon ...... August 23rd!!!!!!!!!!! So Save the date.(Kristie you should fly up and do it with me) I welcome all who want to cheer for me at the finish line (assuming I make it!) Running a marathon has been a goal/dream of mine for EVER! And I am so excited that we are doing it this summer! We have a LOT of training but I love running so it should be fun. We are also doing a really fun 5k in Salt lake city August 9th if my sister Katie wants to have fun she would run it with us! Anyway any good running/training tips are more the welcome and invited! Wish us luck! This picture was taken after we finished the Taroko half marathon in Taiwan. It was brutal and hilly but we did it in a lot less time than we thought! It helps that it was at sea level, we ran the Rex Lee race in Provo and it kicked out trash but were going for the gold this time!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

This post is dedicated to my DaD! I love you very much and I miss you a ton living here in Utah. Thanks for always helping me with my last minute projects in school. Thanks for helping me with my grammar in my papers through school. Thanks for all my cards and presents. Thanks for giving me the gift of education. Thanks for giving me a trip to Hawaii with everyone. Thanks for spoiling me. Thanks for giving me my dream wedding and wedding reception! Thanks for being my Dad! I love you!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One year ago-ARUBA

One year ago we were in Aruba! We celebrated our 1 year on Sunday! We went to the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City and stayed in the Swiss Family Robinson Suite! Our bed was in a tree! And we had an awesome bath with a waterfall shower!


Dear Mattie, Khloe, Jake and Jared, I miss you very much. I love getting your pictures and art work in the mail. I love getting very sweet voicemail from you. I miss you a TON! I wish I could see you more. I wish I could fly home every other weekend and see you. I wish I could take you on Auntie dates like I used too. But only 66 days until Oceanside and I can't wait to play with you. We can go swimming and on walks and all sorts of fun stuff. I love you very much.
Love, Your Auntie Kendra
P.S. Quinn I miss you too but I get to see you more so don't take it personal! I love you!

Fun in the SUN!!

The hubs and I had a three day weekend so we took the forever drive to Saint George to go camping in Snow Canyon! We had a blast. A word of advice; make your reservation before you go, we were lucky to get a spot! We set up camp and went mountain biking and hiking all over snow canyon. It really is beautiful and breathtaking. The canyons are overwhelming. We hiked all over and had lots of fun. One hike was an "easy" hike to three pools. YEAH RIGHT. You hike through sand (aka NOT easy) to a small hole in a rock filled with nasty water and even more nasty bugs. Not impressed. We also hiked up to an old volcano. As you can see with my leap for joy it was a hard hike. That was pretty cool, especially because we hiked up the front not knowing there was a trail we could have taken! But we really did have a great time. Its been our goal to go camping but we haven't been able to so this weekend was a long time coming. Caleb and I both prefer to be outside and riding and hiking was just what we needed. Don't worry Kelly this camp site had a shower with hot water, so we didn't do real camping.