Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wait... You mean

I'm not going to leave the hospital looking like I did when I was a runner? Your telling me I wont be ready to hop into a two piece once we get home? I may still look....pregnant?!?!

Did you know about this???

Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Weeks?!?!?!

Only 5 weeks till this little one is due! I am completely freaked out. I am terrified. Scared. Frightened. I am also in NO hurry. This little man is welcome and encouraged to stay as long as he likes, and I am hoping that will be at least one week late. He is quite big now-at least my belly is. (I will update pictures this weekend). Some things I'm excited about.....1)The nursery. We just got our rocker and changing table. I have purchased everything will coupons and sales and that has required a lot of waiting but it has been totally worth it! So in the next two weeks his room should be finished! 2) Seeing what he looks like! I keep having dreams about him and he is always so cute and sweet but I can't make out his face. 3) Being a mom. I have the best mom in the world and if I am half as good as she is I will ROCK! 4) Seeing Caleb as a Daddy. Caleb talks about this little guy and has all these plans and ideas. I know he is going to be the best baby daddy ever!
Things I am not excited about....1) Giving birth. Um have you seen what goes on down under??? No thanks. And yes I know I am committed. 2) Post giving birth. Um you mean I'm going to what?? for how long??? 3) Recovery. 4) Not automatically getting my old body back. 5) Not being able to run right away.

So there it is. I am scared. I will be the first to say it. I am of course excited to meet this man but terrified about the process. The last bit of pregnancy has been great. I love feeling him move when it doesn't hurt. I enjoy watching peoples faces when they can see him move =). It's hard to believe I only have 5 (hopefully 6) weeks left! Yikes!

Friday, February 19, 2010

2 post during my lunch!?!?!?!

This is a special post. It has recently been brought to my attention that some members of my family feel left out. How sad! I have three wonderful sisters. Each great in her own way. Kristie is the oldest and an amazing photographer whom I will be seeing very shortly =). She has two cute kids M and J in case she doesn't want their names out in cyber space. I love them. Next is Kelly. She is a dental hygienist and has the same sense of humor that I do =). She has 3 kids Khloe, Jared and Johnny. She doesn't blog so I don't think she will care if their names are here. These two awesome sisters live in sunny California. My home. I miss them dearly. I'm not the best at calling people regularly or sending cards on time. Katie lives in Ut so we do a lot of stuff together. That's probably why she has had more face time on this blog. But I want to be clear. I have three sisters. I love them each. So here's YOUR poem Kel:

I have a sister named Kelly
She makes cookies better than Jelly
I like to sit and watch your telly
Sometimes you are smelly

That last part is true and you know what I'm talking about. I'm sorry my poem is kinda weak sauce but it's my lunch break and I didn't want you to go another day without a special mention. I hope you know that you are LOVED.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Adams Family....

Here are the BOYS. I don't say men because when these guys get together they are all boys. Scott and Caleb are the orginal friends and Brian is the h0norary friend from California. I don't know who has more fun, the girls or the boys.

Here is what the three stages of pregnancy look like. Becka at 15 weeks, Corinne at 24 and me at 33.

And here are what our faces look like. Too bad mine has gotten so chubby.

And here is my documentation. Me at 33. Im huge. Everywhere.

Ok this picture makes my belly look WAY bigger than it really is. Or maybe it doesn't. Either way if this kid looks half as good as his daddy, he'll be a hotty. Is that ok to say?

We had a good weekend with Becka and Brian. I miss you already. And your blog that you never ever ever update.

You know your loved when..

Your family and friends throw you an awesome shower! This kid hasn't even made an appearance in this world and yet has so much love. Katie and Corinne threw me a Utah shower. They had cute decorations and yummy food. Katie made an egg dish and Corinne made crepes! It was delish!

My sister that is 5 weeks ahead of me. I know. My belly is big.

Sorry I couldn't turn this. It says "Thanks for helping with baby boys sweet beginnings and you fill up a bottle with candies. What a cute idea!

I am one lucky girl to work with these wonderful ladies!

My friend Amy from church.

Angela, Teresa and Jackie; some more awesome friends from church.

My OG roomie. Rachel! She is getting hitched in April and I am so excited. I love this girl.

It was a very fun shower! I really appreciate it. If I could do it again the only thing I would change would be a friend that was missing. You know who you are. I am so lucky and appreciate everything I have. Thank you Kdog and Corinne and everyone else.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear body.

I want you to know I miss you too. I'm sorry we can't do the things we used to or feel the way we used to. I know this has been a really hard adjustment. I know that person in the mirror doesn't look like you. It's only temporary. This wont last forever. I know it's hard to grow in places that you don't want to grow. It's not easy on me either. But that's what happens when your growing a fetus. It takes over. You go away and are taken captive by something else. It's kinda like the book THE HOST. I still feel you, I can hear you. I know your still there. And in just a few weeks we can work on bringing you back the way you like. Until then maybe you could calm down so I can enjoy this a bit more. Maybe you can stop looking in the mirror and stopping in shock. Maybe you can quit being so competitive at the gym, no those other girls are not pregnant but they don't know your trying to go faster than them. And I would really like it if you would stop looking at those runners with disgust. It doesn't matter that if you could run you would run faster and harder and longer. I'm pretty sure they can see you and when you say stuff under your breath they may hear you. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about you. Just give it time.
Love, me

P.S. Since I am a slacker at posting pictures I stole this cute one from my friend Corinne. She is preggers too. Although it looks like my belly may eat hers. This is me after my shower at 32 weeks.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

I took two little preschool girls to speech last week. One looks at me and says "Wow your belly is BIG!" The other one looks and sweetly touches my belly and says "Baby". The other one is shocked, "You've got a BABY in there?!?!?" Good thing I do or I may have cried.

I took two little prek boys and one says" Your belly is big." I told him I do know it is and it's my baby growing inside that makes it big (not the cake I just ate) The other little boy goes "My Daddy's belly is big. But he doesn't have a baby...he just likes to eat and eat and eat."

Too cute. I love their brutal honesty most of the time. Like these times.

P.S. My rocken sister and best friends threw me a baby shower, once they email me pictures I will post them =)