Sunday, January 30, 2011

Put a cherry on top

Just to put the cherry on top of this really crappy week, I got a sinus infection with a brewing ear infection and worst of all....Porter has croup. It has been terrible. My poor baby is so sad and sick. He still wants to play and do fun things but he has to rest his head every so often. He wants to be chased and crawl around but when he laughs it makes him cough and that is the saddest sound in the world. I feel terrible that Porter is sick. We went one week shy of 10 months of him never getting sick. I hope he can recover from this quickly. We have a cool mist humidifier and we take him outside in the freezing cold when he starts coughing and hold him all night when he is miserable but it has to run its course. So sad. In other words, you are invited to my pity party. Its going on now.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pain in the bum (literally)

I really debated about blogging on this issue. For one is very personal and for two it is disgusting. But Caleb has been doubting that anyone reads my blog anymore and I figure a post like this will prove him wrong! Saturday I wasn't feeling very well. I went and did a hardcore workout with my new and favorite gym friend Katie. It totally kicked my trash. And then Sunday I didn't feel so hot either. And Sunday night I mentioned to Caleb that I might have a hemorrhoid (I told you this is disgusting). And on Monday I was having some trouble walking, sitting and moving. But I still went to the gym and ran 7 miles (I'm training for a 1/2 marathon after all) and when I finished running I almost passed out. I was in so much pain I couldn't handle it. I called my mom and she said "go to urgent care". Caleb came home and suggested I call a friend to watch Porter because he was taking me to urgent care right now. Thanks to very nice neighbors and friends someone came and stayed while we went to urgent care. Let's skip the embarrassing stuff and get right down to it. My hemorrhoid had a BLOOD CLOT. So my military Doc got his tools and went to town. It was so painful. He cleaned, then cut and then drained the clot. HOLY COW! It hurt, and not just my pride. We left with a prescription of pain meds thinking I would be running again the next day. NOT SO. I was in so much pain. I have been in so much pain. I went back to the Doc today and she fixed me up a little bit more and gave me a fresh dose of pain meds. "Have mercy" has a whole new meaning for me. So I have missed work this week, Porter has watched more TV in 2 days than in his entire life and I have had a real pain in the bum. There it's out. It's disgusting. But true. Words cannot describe how alone and hurt and scared I have felt. But I have an amazing hubs, a sweet baby who just laughs when I am crying trying to sit down, some truly wonderful friends that watch Porter and drop off my favorite kind of ice cream. I can't be alone on this issue though...anyone want to share???

Monday, January 24, 2011

9 months

Hey there!
It's me Porter. I am nine months old! Man how time goes. I am a crawling machine. I can crawl everywhere and love to do it. I can pull myself up and am trying to walk around while holding on. I love to eat! Who knew there was so many wonderful foods in the world? I love my little puffs. I get my pincher fingers out and pick them up. My Mommy says I am a hoarder because I get my left fist full of food and hold in it until I have eaten all the food with my right hand. I can wave "hello" and "goodbye". I give kisses. I love to give kisses to my Mommy and sometimes to my Daddy. Sometimes his face has hair on it and I do not like my lips on that. I am still a very happy smiley baby. I love to play! I think singing is funny and am working on clapping and patty cake with my Mommy. I still love other kids and sometimes I just want to hold their face in my hands. Apparently that's frowned upon by some people. I love my binky. My Mommy says I am a bink-aholic and that we will have to tackle this issue some day but not today. I went to the Dr. for my checkup and here's my score:
Height: 29 and 1/4 (75%)
Weight: 17.2 (yep that's a one pound lost. The 'rents are all stressed out but my Dr says I am just fine) (10%)
Head: 46 and 1/2 cm (50-75%)
The weight issue has had my 'rents all worried but I am working on it and am eating tons. My doctor told my Mommy I was talented over 5 times and advanced and whatever she was doing to keep doing it so I guess I am doing A-OK. I really love life and am really a very happy boy. Thanks for checking in!

8 months

Hello World,
It's me Porter again. I am 8 months old! I can crawl all over the place! I am getting so big. My hair is curly and has wings over my ears and the ladies just go crazy over it. My Mommy loves my hair and plays with it all the time. I am really into my food now. I just had to learn about some flavors first. My Daddy is still my favorite person and I love to play with him. I still shine on the changing table. I love it when Mommy comes home and cry if she tries to site me down to wash her hands. All day with some other women is not my idea of fun! I really like to hold on to things with my hands and still like to chew on a lot of stuff. I am sleeping pretty well at night. My mommy says I'm teething but all I know is this spit keeps pouring out of my mouth and the 'rents have to change my shirts a lot. I love to play and LOVE to read books. I really like peek a boo. I don't know how you kids play peek a boo but my Daddy holds me and my Mommy runs around the house and pops out around all the corners! Man it is hilarious! You guys should play it that way sometime. I am getting kinda cuddly. I will occasionally lay my head on your shoulder usually when my 'rents are putting me down to sleep. Life is great and I am one happy boy! Thanks for checking in!


7 months

Hey World,
I have been so busy loving life that I haven't taken the time to sit down and tell you all my accomplishments. This is my 7 month picture. As you can see I am growing so much. I have tons of hair that I love to have brushed. I am such a ham. The picture ladies at Sears Portraits love me! If you look at me I will give you a huge open mouth smile. I don't have any teeth yet but I sure like to chew on things. I am not really into my food right now. I sit up like a champ. I love the changing table. It is really my time in the spotlight. I love other kids, big and little. I love going for walks but am not a fan of being really cold. My Daddy is my favorite person in the whole wide world. This hurts my Mommy's feelings but I try to tell her it's just a guy thing. She is my favorite girl in the whole entire world. Well life is good and busy. Just wanted to say hi!


Sunday, January 9, 2011


Please take a moment and enjoy the precious pictures my sister Kristie took of Porter (and us) while we were in California by looking at the next three posts. As you can tell she is talented. We are just crazy about them. What do you think?

Hope Santa treated you as well as he did us...