Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why I won't have a bunch of kids...TMI

If you thinking of getting pregnant you probably shouldn't read this. First of all I love Porter. He is so cute and smart and funny. I adore him. I love being his mommy. I am glad we waited and planned for him. However all the planning in the world could not have prepared me for how HARD pregnancy was. And LABOR. And "RECOVERY". And then almost 4 months later when I STILL have problems. YUP. I've been having some problems down under. I went to my lady doctor today. Apparently my cut did not heal right. So I had some tissue that was bad, infected yadayadyada. Now I just love sitting with my legs spread in stirrups but what puts a cherry on top is when she told me she was going to have to cauterize the tissue. So she did. With NO numbing. So I went to my favorite kind of doctor paid 25 bucks to have my vajayjay, who-ha, nether area, girlfriend, whatever you like to call it BURNED. Yes burned. And it felt like burning only worse. So that my friends is why this family of mine will stay small. I am not a breeder.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To my Baby Daddy...On his birthday

Happy Birthday! I am so glad you were born 29 years ago! I can't believe your almost 30! I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love you. Thanks for always being willing to go hike the Y with me, thanks for going shopping with me (without ever complaining) thanks for being so thoughtful, thanks for going running even though you hate just so you can do races with me. Thanks for making so many of my dreams come true. Thanks for working so hard in school and work. Thanks for being such a good man. Thanks for being funny. Thanks for all the cooking and cleaning you do. Thanks for being such an amazing Hubs. Thanks for being an amazing Daddy. I hope today is one of the best days ever. I hope you know how loved you really are. And congrats on your new JOB! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love all 29 years of you.
Kendra +Porter

And in keeping with tradition here is your poem:
29 is fine but you might get a new line
You still think your 23 and occasionally climb a tree
You always change the diaper(s) and I love it when you are hyper
You are so funny and now you are the one making the money
We hope everyone will join us when we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cutest Full Moon Ever

Isn't this the cutest bummin you have ever seen? Correct answer:YES! Normally we don't post pictures of our kid's bummin or other private areas but this was too cute to pass. He needed some naked tummy time to help air's hard living in a diaper.

P.S. Don't forget to scroll down, there are 3 more new posts! Go me!

Pictures of our cute little man

Porter's Girlfriend

One of my best friends Corinne had her baby girl! (About 7 weeks ago :) We were lucky enough to get to go to the hospital and see the pretty girl! Corinne looked so cute as you can tell by the picture and Lucy was as beautiful as can be. Porter was totally taken by her. We are so excited for Porter to have such a hot girlfriend! most change is

(This was the only picture I took all year! It was at the kickball water slide activity Caleb was in charge of. )
As most of you know Caleb was called to be in a BYU singles ward bishopric. The calling was only for one year and I still remember the day we got the call. Well actually it was a text. The stake Pres. Hatch had tried calling Caleb for two weeks to give him the calling...Caleb never checks his VM so he didn't know. Then one Sunday I got a text asking me to have Caleb call Pres Hatch ASAP. We called him and were asked to rush to BYU. We did. Caleb was called as the Second Counselor in the BYU 74th Ward. Well at first I hated it. Caleb felt uncomfortable being the same age as some of the kids in the ward and the rest of the bishopric being more advanced in age. Well time went on. Sunday's turned in to Caleb being gone most of the morning and afternoon, munch and mingle and ward prayer Sunday nights. It was a big time commitment. And after a while I loved it. I loved the kids in the ward, I loved the bishopric and I loved the opportunity we had to be in this position. Then the year came and went. I was so sad to think of leaving the ward. The Bishop formally requested an extension for Caleb but the Stake Secretary did not let the Stake President know in time and he called someone else. That's the way things go sometimes. So we were released. I say we because it was really a family calling. We learned so much from this experience. Some things are too special to tell but we really did love it. We will never look at a ward the same way. So much time and energy goes into these callings. If you think being in the Bishopric is easy, let me assure it is not. We had a great experience and I was heartbroken to have to move on. Caleb is really humble and doesn't like to talk about himself but he really did a remarkable job. He was able to connect with so many people in the ward and had a way of making everyone feel included and important (all while going to school, working and dealing with a preggers/new mommy wife). While I am glad to have our Sunday's back and to have him sit next to me in Church, it was really neat to see him in that position. I'm proud of you hubs. We said our formal goodbyes but have remained in touch with many and made some life long friends. We are in our new ward's a family ward. Aka oldER people. It's different but we are really making an effort. Porter is sad to no longer be the only the baby in the ward...or the ward mascot as Pres Hatch always called him but he will be glad to make some friends. Goodbye our friends at BYU 74th, Cinnamon Tree. We love you!