Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here is Porter in his Sunday Halloween outfit. As you can tell he loved it.
Corinne and Lucy came to party! Scott and Caleb were there too, probably getting us food.
Future Mr. and Mrs............
Porter and Mommy! I promise to always dress up with my kids. I LOVE Halloween.
We didn't even have to teach him how to trick or treat......
I made The Hubs and my costume. That day. As you can tell it wasn't perfect.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 months

Hey there,
It's me Porter and I'm six months! I can't believe how fast I am growing up. I have learned lots of new tricks and love exploring my world. I can sit up all by myself and am learning to love solids. Pee's are pretty good, green beans are not. Of course I like the orange stuff and love peaches. My Mama (Grandma) gave me my first banana and I didn't care for it at all. Maybe I hated it. I love my toys and especially love toys that I can put in my mouth and chew. I enjoy going for walks in my stroller but I let you know when I'm done. I think my Mommy and Daddy are really silly and sometimes they make me laugh so hard I wet my diaper. I have a hammer toy and I love to hit it on things. I really like babies and want to grab their faces. People are always telling the 'rents how happy I am and it's true! I am a happy guy. I think life is great and I'm usually just waiting for a reason to laugh. I sleep fairly well. About 10 hours a night but when my teeth (that haven't come through yet) are bugging me I sometimes wake up and cry for a little it. I'm working on that. Anyway life is great and I love growing. Here's my stats from my 6 month Dr. apt.:
Height: 28 inches (90-95%)
Weight: 18 lbs (50-75%)
Head: 451/2 cm ( 90%)
Cheeks: super chubby and kissable
brains: probably the smartest kid around
strength: un-matched


Thursday, November 4, 2010

I should..

write Porter's 6 month blog (and 7th month for that matter), make my friend Corrine something amazing because I had to ditch her like a loser last night, make my friend Katiebug something because I haven't even gone to see her, call my sisters, write the grandparents cards, clean my house, do the dishes, do the laundry, take a nap....the list goes on. But instead I'll continue crying my eyes out. I am having a bad day (yet again). I feel like I have zero time and I feel like I am failing at everything. So to those of you I have failed I am sorry. And to Porter I am so sorry you see the babysitter more than you see me. Right now I feel like the world's worst mom. Actually worst everything. The end.