Sunday, July 21, 2013

Porter and his adenoids

Remember when Porter was an excellent sleeper?  We do. Sort of.  It is just shy of a year mark since Porter has turned from a great sleeper to nothing that resembles good sleeper.  A year.  Night terrors, sleepless nights, tears, one grown man, one pregnant lady and one toddler in a full size bed, no one is getting in real sleep, kind of a year.  And guess what? We have some answers! After switching doctors, trying all sorts of "natural" crap, seeing a sleep and pulmonary specialist we finally got a referral to an ENT.  He did a nasal scope and Pman has some huge adenoids! So big in fact that they block 85% of his airway.  This kid has been suffering from sleep apnea.  And after the most ridiculous attempt to schedule surgery and some secretary cancelling porter;s surgery on accident and a very emotional mother crying, no sobbing, calling the hospital and Dr for over two hours he will finally get his adenoids and tonsils removed tomorrow! Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you, you're only a day a way!!!!!

I like to educate my self on what is going on and I do best when I am prepared for things, pman is like me in this way.  The hospital offers a free surgery prep class and thanks to my sister Katie for taking Shirley, we went.  It was the best thing ever.  They showed a movie for the kids of a robot who goes through what is going to happen at the hospital, they had a Q and A with a nurse, they showed the kids everything that would happen in pre op on a little doll and then each child got a "little buddy" doll with hospital pjs, he got a mask, gloves and cap and we got a tour of where we would be in the hospital.  It was amazing.  I am so glad we went.  I am so thankful we finally have answers and that this little boy can finally have the chance to get well.  It has been quite the year for us.  Sometimes I feel like I am the bud of some joke with the way things have taken so many wrong turns, but all that matters is that we are moving forward.  I love this kid.  Porter, my kid.  I am very anxious about tomorrow, I don't know exactly what to expect, I don't know how well I will handle letting someone take my child out of my arms and operate on them. It makes me feel very sick to my stomach.  I know this is a surgery that is done all the time.  I don't care.  Don't tell me that.  Things can happen.  It scares me.  I know the next few weeks will be trying, poor kid is going to be in so much pain and not really understand.  All this talk has got my stomach in knots... Wish us luck, feel free to send prayers on his behalf.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Growing like a weed

But we don't want to get rid of this weed! Porter is growing by leaps and bounds lately.  At first I thought turning three was the worse thing that had happened to us, but he is so fun these past few weeks.  Some of my favorite porter-isms are: "Mom, I have a question.." And then he will ask me a question, one day on a run he asked "why can't we walk on the moon? Will we fall? By the stars?" He calls Shirley "baby girl" and whenever she cries he will sing her A Child's Prayer.  It warms my heart always.  He still says "sootball" for football, but no longer says "chocolate shaken" One day I stubbed my toe and it REALLY hurt and I put my head down and held my breath and Porter came and patted my back and said, "it's ok babe, be tough". One day in Sacrament I bore my testimony I sat down and Porter turns to Caleb and not so quietly told him "it's your turn now" we have a friend that was growing his beard and hair out and Porter looked at him and said "Jesus?" And we all burst into laughter (that was the look he was going for, he was working on set of the Bible movies for the Church) and then he got really shy.  He really is a sweet boy.  Wild, but sweet.  

 Here he is going to see the Cruds.  Caleb took him one night and I guess there is a part where they ask "hello?" And Porter answered "Hello, I'm right here".  
                    Caleb took Porter to see the Owl's baseball game.  He loved it. 
 Here is one of Porter wearing his favorite basketball outfit asleep with his basketball.
And Porter's first camping trip! May 31, 2013 Father and Son's Camp trip in the B4 ward.  Caleb said they had a blast.  He had his second camping trip soon after this.  I am trying to be a more patient mother, I am always trying to better myself, but bettering myself as a mother is something I take to heart.  It is very....humbling.  It is a process to say the least.  Tonight, as I was getting fed up trying to get Porter to sleep he rolled over and right when I was about to lose it he whispered "mom, I love you" and went right to sleep.  My heart could have burst right then and there.  I am so grateful I have this little boy.  I have no doubt amazing things are in store for him.