Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dodgeball and First Celebrity

That's right that's Porter with Darrin Williams the Jazz basketball player. He was actually pretty nice and sweet with Porter. Porter was cool with him but naturally skeptical of someone who makes so much money for playing a game.
I didn't make him sanitize his hands but I thought about it. Don't worry I made it clear that Porter and I are die-hard LAKERS fans. He didn't like hearing that but we can't lie.
Doesn't Caleb look so good and intimidating in this picture? This was right after a serious game. Yet again, Caleb was the best player on his team. He is by far the most athletic person I know.
He is the team! Qualtrics. Caleb is lucky enough to love his job and do fun things with the people he works with.
The day was super fun and Q should have won. No seriously, they went into sudden death over time and lost. But we went back and read the rule book and they should have won. Oh well it was super fun and I hope they do it again.


Here we are at the Y in Provo. Caleb and I love to hike and for some reason I love to hike the Y...I forgot how hard it was. Porter loved it of course.
My baby ROCKS. If you couldn't already tell. Here he is in his cute Cougar hat. Don't worry next time we are in California we will get him some CSUF gear.

He sure loves his feet!