Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Pictures!!!

Yes it's true, Mom's do love him!
Porter with his Grandpa Bill (Caleb's grandpa)
Porter with his Mama staying warm at the beach.
The reason we went to California: Mattie's Baptism! She was so beautiful and it was so neat to see!
Porter and Mommy
Porter with Ma ( my grandma)
Porter Kenneth with Kenneth aka Pa ( my grandpa)
Porter relaxing with his Papa
Porter and Daddy with the sweet hiking backpack.
Porter chilling with my shades on
We just love this little man. He is so fun and we are having fun watching him grow.

Now I have a few thoughts on being a working mom. First:it sucks. I love my job. LOVE it. I am using what I went to school for and it is challenging and rewarding (most days). I work with some wonderful kiddos and people. I love that I get to be social and see people all day. Second: it is so hard. I worry about Porter all the time. Is he happy? Is he upset? Is the nanny talking to him? Is he doing something for the first time and I'm missing it? Is he watching TV? (Yes, we are first time parents) The list goes on and on. I am tired and crabby and emotional. I may have an ulcer and am losing my hair. I don't sleep well. I am a high strung I am trying to get back into shape and trying to have fun with my hubs and I just don't have any time.

I always planned on being a working mom...let me clarify. When my kids are in school I will be working. For me I can't imagine being at home for 7 hrs 5 days a week while my kids are in school. However, I used to 'uh hem' not think the highest of stay at home moms. I have learned. That's what life is about right? Who wouldn't want to be at home with their baby. One thing I have to say is that things are hard no matter what your situation and that you will probably always think you have it harder. I am so grateful for my job. And I can't wait to be at home with my baby. And let's be friends, working mom's, non-working moms, non-moms whatever your story.

Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Months

Hey there,
It's me Porter. Can you believe that I am FIVE months? So crazy. At least that's what Mommy and Daddy say all the time, so I guess it's true. I wanted people to know that I have a sensitive side so I use my soft high pitch voice a lot now. I love my feet and my hands. Sometimes while I am eating I find my hand! I watch it turn from side to side and am just amazed at it. I'm pretty strong too. I like to stand up and roll over both ways all the time. I love my play mat and am really into my toys. I love being outside and love to go on hikes and walks. I love my Mommy and Daddy and get so giddy when they play with me. I didn't go to the Doctor this month but my Mommy says my score is: Height: Tall, Weight: good and chunky, Head: just right.... overall: PERFECT! I can't wait until I can sit up by myself and try to do it all the time. I really love when Mommy and Daddy get home from work and things go back to the way they should be. I love to look around and I have to grab anything and everything I see. I am loving life and am so happy to be alive. Can't wait till next month!

Porter Boy

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bad day...

It's just one of those days. A bad one. Where you wish it would just end. You ever have one of those? Porter is doing great and is so cute and smiley. He is getting big and doing all sorts of fun tricks (his 5 month post will come soon). But this post is my soap box. I'm tired. I feel like I don't have any time. I feel like a bad mommy. I feel crabby. I want to cry my eyes out...but I've already done that and now I just have a headache. I have gone back to work. It's a long story and one I don't want to talk about right now. But that means that Porter is in the loving care of a nanny. And I don't see him until after 4pm. When I'm tired and crabby. And even though the scale says I weigh what I did before I got pregnant my body doesn't FEEL or look the same. And that makes me crazy. How do you people do it? How do mom's work full time, have a perfect body, put themselves together perfectly, keep a perfect home? Right now I just feel like I am failing. And that sucks. I should delete this post now...who wants to listen to a cry baby? But I'm not going to. Somebody out there has got to know what I'm talking about...right?