Sunday, March 16, 2014

Porter's Surgery

After a year of Pman having terrible night terrors and little sleep I go really aggressive with my Dr.  I had talked to my Dr for months but he always blew me off. Well, I knew it wasn't normal and I demanded a referral.  We were referred to a sleep specialist and she told us to go to an ENT.  Luckily she was amazing and did the referral herself so we were able to get in fairly soon. Pman had a scope go down his nose where we learned his adenoids we enlarged.  So much so that it was causing SLEEP APNEA.   85% of his airway was being blocked by his adenoids, poor guy couldn't breath! So we scheduled his surgery. It was actually a nightmare to get it scheduled and we almost missed our trip to Oceanside but luckily it all worked out with some sweat and a lot of tears.  We had to do his surgery at Primary Children's in SLC.  My sister Katie watched Shirley for us for the day.  The pictures are out of order...

 Poor kid had the worst time waking up, and for whatever stupid reason they wouldn't let either of us be there when they woke him up, the end result was a lot of scratches on his face and a HUGE goose egg on his head. We were just a little ticked off.
 He LOVED waiting for the surgery, so many games to play!
 Recovery was rough to put it mild.  But he did great.  Here he is eating a Popsicle.
He loved that he got a bracelet.  We were so glad to finally have some answers and to start a solution to our sleep problems.  I wish I could say he sleeps all night long but we are still working on least he can breath now!


Mafuta said...

Good to hear that it went well. Hopefully it will take care of the issue.

Brittany said...

I myself was having nightmares almost every night (even several a night). It progressively got worse and I told my hubby I wanted to bless our home! After a night of multiple nightmares he finally blessed our home and I have not had 1 nightmare since!!! Maybe you should have your home blessed and also have your hubby give him a blessing.